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Thread: Fussy Days, Sleepless Nights. Not Normal

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    My LO is just now 3 months old. A few weeks ago she started fussing during daytime feedings, arching her back and ripping herself off the breast. We started doing more feedings lying down and that seemed to help. Now she's even fussy during these feedings and the last few days has been waking up constantly during the night to nurse ALOT. Sometimes she'll go an hour and a half, other times she's awake 30 minutes later wanting to nurse again. Nighttime feedings are fuss free. She has 2-4 bms a day and too many wet diapers to count (alot), so I know she's getting what she needs. She's still gaining weight and a happy active little girl. After reading some posts I've considered heavy let-down, nursing strike, growth spurt....but she was such a good night sleeper before this!! Any ideas would be very helpful.

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    The first things that spring to my mind are teething and ear infection.

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    Is there anyway to confirm this without going to the dr? Her health insurance doesn't kick in for a couple more weeks I checked her gums, nothing seemed amiss but she does drool quite a bit. Her ears weren't tender to the touch either.

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    3 months is very early for teething, IMO. If there is no fever, probably not ear infection, either. Maybe just a 6month growth spurt
    Has this been going on for long or just a few days?
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    My guess would be teething or ear pain, too. With teething, frequently, you'll get discomfort/fussiness/drooling for a long time before you can feel bumps on the gums. The teeth have to break their way through jawbone before they reach the gums. She may find some relief with something cold to chew on or rubbed on her gums before nursing. With ears, I have found that my kiddos are typically sensitive to pressure or tugging on their ears when they have an ear infection. There have been the odd couple of ear infections that didn't display that, but mostly, I can tell if their ears are sore by manipulating them and watching my kids' reaction. It could also be that she is too busy to want to nurse. If that is the case, sometimes offering a change of scenery can help, or something to hold onto. She might be too little for that yet, but I know many kids don't want to take a break from drinking in their world to nurse.

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    It's been going on for a few weeks. At first I thought it was her being distracted. No ear discomfort that I can tell. And she doesn't seem to be in any pain teeth wise. No fever either. She's a very happy baby most of the day. The fussing is only when we nurse and it's nit every time either, just random nursings....

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    Let me know if you figure it out because my little guy started doing this at 3 months also! He is now 4 1/2 months and has improved, but it was awful! I suspect he was mad at the flow rate compared to bottle since I had just gone back to work, and also maybe increasing my supply for bigger feedings, I never did figure it out! I found that feeding him in different positions helped, as did patting his back while he fed. The mysteries of babies. Anyway, hang in there, I know it gets frustrating, I was full of self-doubt, but it did get better! Good luck! Sorry, this post wasn't super helpful, but wanted to give you some encouragement!


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