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Thread: Plugged duct - no milk?

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    Default Plugged duct - no milk?

    I have a plugged duct ... actually it feels like the entire left side of my left breast is plugged. DS (5.5mo) went down at 7:30P and slept until 12:30A, so I tried pumping at 9:30 and 11:30 (Medela Symphony, right flange size). I used a heat compress before and breast compressions during and got only a few sprays each time. I stopped after a minute of pumping without any milk coming out because I don't want to increase my supply. (I think oversupply was part of my problem to begin with.)

    This morning, LO fussed and wouldn't feed from the left side. When I offered the right he nursed and went right to sleep. I'm worried that if I can't drain the left breast by either pumping or nursing, I'll lose production on that side. Should I pump longer, even when no milk is coming out, just until the plugged duct clears up?

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    I would pump until you clear it up, at least a little. Something that has worked well for me with a tough plug has been to get in the shower and press on the plug with the hot water hitting my breast. A lot of times I can work through it like that.

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    Massage in the shower.

    The glands in your milk are like a tree, with the leaves closest to your body and the roots at your nipple. If a block is in the "trunk" you can't get the milk by it. It's more important to get the milk out than to worry about an OS. That said, as soon as you clear it, keep working on getting the OS under control, as that is one reason moms get plugs.

    Try wool nursing pads, and Happy Ducts tincture, and soy lecithin if necessary.
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