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Thread: Is this a nursing strike or is it me?

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    Default Is this a nursing strike or is it me?

    Sorry this may be long but want to give background & my issue:

    Nursing 5.5 month old twins, pumping & bottle feeding while at work.
    Cannot pump enough to feed them at work, and supplement with formula.
    Feeding formula bottle at bedtime (used to pump at that feeding but now just nurse right before with no pumping).
    They are STTN and diaper output is good.
    Weight gain is good. M was 6lb11oz at birth and at 4.5 months was 16lb8oz. B was 7lb9oz at birth and at 4.5 months was 16lb0oz.

    On days I work, I wake them to nurse at 6am, they get 2 bottles (generally 6oz at 10am and 6oz at 1pm) I nurse when I get home at 6:30pm and again at 8pm. They take a 6oz bottle right after the 8pm nursing.

    My problem is: M does not want to nurse when I get home from work.

    I nurse them simultaneously in football position. I thought maybe my flow wasn't enough for M (lower at the end of the day), so I make sure to put her on the right side which has a faster flow and produces more. I thought M might prefer a different position, so I have tried to feed her cradle while feeding B football (almost impossible with how big they are), I have also tried to feed them separately (with M in cradle)-no luck. Last night I even tried to feed M in a semi sitting up position, thinking maybe she didn't want to nurse lying down.

    Nothing has been working. M pops off after 30 seconds (if I am lucky). I can usually get her back on a few more times, but probably eating no more than 2-4 minutes total. I tried to feed her at least 3 times between 6:30pm-8pm last night and nothing worked. Then I gave her a bottle. Then she screamed and ended up nursing for 20 minutes and falling asleep. I don't know what to do.

    I know some of you may suggest taking away the evening bottle, but that is not an option for me (and we have been doing it for 5 months now). Are there positions that may be better for a baby who is becoming more active? Should I consider an SNS to keep her at the breast?

    Morning nursing is going fine and usually on weekends M nurses fine with no problems. It seems to be on days I work. Is she telling me she isn't happy I was gone all day?

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    Default Re: Is this a nursing strike or is it me

    That actually sounds like it could be nipple preference. She has had it easy all day long, and now, you are asking her to work hard for her food. The

    It doesn't happen on weekends because she doesn't get any bottles.

    Maybe go ahead and give her a bottle, but maybe less, and then finish her off at the breast.

    Some babies also just become really difficult to nurse at this age. But keep trying and most, if not all, come back to the breast later.

    Did you see the info at kellymom on nursing strikes?
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