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Thread: Projectile Vomitting in week old baby

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    Hello Ladies,

    I just joined the website because we have welcomed in my first baby on October 3rd.We are so excited about her and are absolutely head over heels in love with her. She has been latching on great and eating like crazy so that has been wonderful thus far. One concern I do have though is that she has had this projectile vomitting, 3 times now since we got her home and I'm not sure why? It scares me because she starts choking on it and I get so worried about her. Is this normal?

    Thank you for your answers in advance.

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    Is it bothering her? Is it flying across the room? How is her weight? If it's not upsetting her (other than the gagging, which is normal protective instincts kn her part), she is gaining well and it's not shooting out of her, it is normal But if she is shooting it across the room, is fussy or is not gaining well, that is worth mentioning to the doc. But all babies have some level of upheavals, and that's not a baby problem, it's a laundry problem.
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    with the PP. Spit-up is a normal part of being a baby. As long as it occurs without pain and weight gain is normal, it's nothing to be concerned about. But if the spitting is literally projectile- not just a forceful upchuck but literally flying across the room hard enough to hit the wall- try to get some footage of it to show to your doctor.

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