I have 15 months old twins (born at 27 weeks so adjusted 12 months) that I am still nursing/pumping about 9-10 times a day that I am not working. I breastfeed once in the morning and then I pump twice while I work part time in the morning (at home) They get about 3 oz from cup/bottle. I breastfeed then afternoon to night (6-7 times) although most sessions are only a few minutes along except at nap time. I also pump overnight because my breasts hurt really bad. I will be taking a trip with my 7 year old in 6 months for 4 nights without them and need tips on cutting down so they will be in a good spot. I at least want to be in a good spot so I do not have to pump all day or pump only a few times a day while gone not to spoil my oldest's time with me. These babies are going strong for the most part although my son actually wants to nurse at night prior to bed, but then be rocked to sleep by someone else instead of nursing to sleep. His sister wants to nurse to sleep. Any help would be appreciated.