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Thread: Teething advice

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    Hello Everyone!

    I have been on a very long BFing journey that includes poor latch, cracked nipples, a nipple shield, drop in supply, tongue-tie, and relearning to nurse after getting the tongue-tie clipped. We are almost 3 weeks shield free. Latches are sometimes shallow, but we are working on it and it seems to be getting better. Now here is the clincher:

    DD is almost 4 months (will be on the 17th) and is showing preteething behaviors (drooling, ear pulling, putting hands and toys when she can into her mouth.) During the day, she seems to tolerate it well, however at night (early morning) it seems the pain (tingling? pressure?) bothers her and she semi-wakes upset. She wants to nurse constantly, which would be okay except that I'm not getting much sleep. I dose off, when she falls asleep either keeping the breast in her mouth or dropping it but then semi wakes again 10 minutes later looking for the breast and rubbing her head or ear. I wake up and help her re-latch or roll over and start all over on the other side.

    I'm not sure what to do to help her feel better at night so we can both get better sleep. If it has been less than an hour, and I know it is comfort she wants (no food) then I've tried a soothie, but she does the same thing, dropping it and then rewaking. I've tried pain reliever (Tylenol) but it doesn't seem to be helping. Also I don't know how close to actual teeth she is, so I don't know if it is good to be giving her tylenol or a homeopathic remedy every day for several weeks or months.

    If anyone has any advice regarding what worked well for them, I would love to hear it. I hate to see her suffering and I would like to get more sleep.


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    Default Re: Teething advice

    My DD is 6 months and I'm dealing with this too. Tylenol does seem to help, as well as bathing her, then nursing, then rocking before bed.
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