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Thread: Many problems, what now?

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    Default Many problems, what now?

    I'll try to make this short! Nursing didn't go well at the hospital due to DS being tongue-tied and so jaundice that we couldn't get him to stay awake, so I gave up on day two and started giving him formula. There's no one in my family/friends who have nursed I could turn to, so all this is very foreign to me.....even after trying to nurse DD(5.5) and failing miserably.

    We came home on a Sunday and on Tuesday my milk came in. DS would not stop rooting even through my clothes that day. Guess he could smell the milk once it came in? So I decided on Wednesday to try to nurse him. I wanted nothing more than to nurse both my kiddos and feel like such a failure for giving up so easily!!!!

    He latched on pretty good but needed his frenulum clipped, so we got that done the following Monday. Then I ended up VERY engorged, then with a clogged duct, then with thrush that has still not gone away and DS will be 8 weeks Friday.

    I stopped nursing him, knowing better, and pumped to keep up my supply and at this point he completely refused a bottle of formula (good for him for knowing what's best!!!!!) I HATE pumping!!!!!! I pumped for 4 months for DD due to tongue-tie/bad latch and swore I'd not do it this time around. After two rounds of Diflucan, grapefruit seed extract and finally trying gentian violet, I thought I had cleared up. The only thing the pedi would do for DS was Nystatin which just isn't working!!!

    Getting fed up with pumping/boiling pump parts to keep from getting thrush again/washing bottles/you get the picture, I started nursing him again Monday after not nursing for about four weeks. He's done great! No bottles of pumped milk and he's been a happy baby with plenty of wet diapers/dirty diapers.

    Here's my problem (which I created myself): I wasn't pumping enough in the beginning. I was literally pumping a bottle for him to drink right then and pumping while he drank some so he could have more that same feeding. So, I took Reglan to boost my supply. Boy, did it work!!!! I started freezing a ton! Now I have BM I can't use because of the thrush (didn't find this out until after freezing it all, ugh!!!!) and I'm worried I have an oversupply.

    DS does well most feedings, but some feedings he gets sooooo fussy, throws his head back and forth (OUCH!) and pulls off the breast. When he does this, milk is squirting EVERYWHERE!!!!! And he never empties either breast! I know he's getting plenty because he's cranky when he's hungry, etc. But I just think I'm making way more than he needs. I don't want to pump because I hate it and I know it will just make me continue to make more milk. What can I do? Will my body eventually regulate itself and this problem will go away?

    Also, I'm starting to hurt deep inside my breast again after feedings and I'm worried that even though my nipples appear clear of thrush that I have intraductal thrush still. I'm still on Diflucan and have two more weeks of pills. Think that will clear it up? DS pedi just today called in his diflucan, so hopefully we'll both get clear soon!!!!!!

    And, lastly, DS sleeps 9-12 hours a night. I wake up in the middle of the night extremely full so I've been pumping. Should I continue to do this to keep up my supply or is it okay to stop since he's not eating then and I don't really need to make any milk during the middle of the night? And, I just offer him the breast all day, whenever he wants, but he generally only eats every 2 hours, sometimes every three hours for about 15-20 minutes max and only during the day because he's sleeping all night. Can this be a problem of not eating enough? He seems content as far as eating and such.

    Sorry for such a long post!

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    Default Re: Many problems, what now?

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night engorged and hurting while DS is sleeping and I found the best thing to do is to NOT pump. If you pump then your body will keep making the oversupply of milk. If you do not pump then your body will regulate itself to match your baby's needs. It will take a bit for your body to register but it will even itself out naturally.

    If the pain is too unbearable then I try pumping only enough to take the edge off.

    And I think he is eating enough since he is eating so often during the day- As long as diaper output is good!
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    Default Re: Many problems, what now?

    Gotta run, but STOP PUMPING, as it sounds like you have an OALD and OS, which can bug baby and make baby do what you are seeing.

    Just nurse. Too much pumping going on in this world!
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    Default Re: Many problems, what now?

    I would say don't pump aat night!! Your body will regulate... It takes about a week!! Besides you deserve the sleep!!
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