I know this has been addressed but I am having a problem. I have oald mostly with my right breast. The problem I am having is at night. When I nurse him to sleep in the evening around 8pm he eats off both sides and pretty well empties both breasts. Then he sleeps till around 1:30 at that time I am pretty full on both sides...almost engorged. The problem is he only eats off one side at that feeding. Then 4 hours later he wakes up to eat and then only eats off the other side which by this time is really engorged. SO I feed him off this side all morning and he never seems to be able to empty it and oald is out of control. I'm not sure what to do. I don't think I should pump and empty both sides because wouldn't that just make the oversupply problem worse? I am worried that i'm going to get plugged ducts or my supply is going to drop. What should I do?