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Thread: need help for friend giving up...

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    I have a friend who is 5 weeks post partum and just got her second case of mastitis. She is thinking of pumping and bottlefeeding until the mastitis is gone, but I worry that if she does this she won't be able to get the baby back on the breast! She has a bad latch on one side, and the nipple split, and she can't get it healed well. If she doesn't nurse the baby on that side, she pumps to keep up her supply. I think that is causing oversupply and the mastitis. What advice can I give to help her out? She did see a lactation consultant, but I don't think they were very helpful. She says she just can't get the baby to open their mouth wide enough. I know how hard it can be, I had a lot of difficulty with my first, but I'm just not sure what else to say/offer as support. Thanks so much.

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    Can you send her here, mama? We'll tell her what's what.

    I am that pumping and bottle-feeding is not a good way to treat mastitis. The baby generally empties the breast better than the pump, and by taking baby off the breast this early your friend could end up with a baby who refuses to nurse. These links may be useful:

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