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Thread: Kicking me while nursing!

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    Default Kicking me while nursing!

    My son just turned 7 months old. He has always kicked and pushed himself off of my arms when nursing sitting up and I could deal with it because I was awake and it was tolerable.

    Now though, he has started kicking me in the stomach at night while he nurses. It isn't really direct kicking as much as it is digging his feet into my stomach and pushing himself off over and over and over. I have tried holding his legs down or tucking his feet under him but he works them loose or screams until I let go.

    He is still nursing at least every two hours, probably closer to every hour at night lately since he has been a little congested, and so as you can imagine the kicking through the entire nursing session has me feeling pretty tired.

    It is also making me very angry in the middle of the night, which I hate to admit but sometimes I just feel like leaving him in the bed with my husband and sleeping on the couch. This in turn is also making the daytime kicking/pushing far less tolerable.

    Does anyone have any advice? I can't do any sort of hitting/flicking as I just feel he is too little and it is not a solution that I am okay with. I am not even sure if he is old enough to understand if I were to put him down when he did it. I have no idea what to do. Thanks to any responses in advance!
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    Default Re: Kicking me while nursing!

    Joe is a major kicker. Still. I think it's just an energy thing - he likes to be moving! Anyway, at that age, I often tucked a pillow into my tummy area while night nursing. I like to sleep with a pillow between my knees, so I would often just move that up to my midsection. You could try unlatching when the kicking begins to train him out of it, but I don't think my baby would have made that connection very easily. I certainly agree that hitting or flicking wouldn't teach him anything at all - except maybe that he should start hitting/flicking his mama too!

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    My nearly 8 month old has been doing the same thing for a few weeks and now she is beginning to try and climb up me while still attached at night. For my LO, I think it's that she is trying to settle herself down and is overtired. I think the pillow suggestion is a great idea. I have been trying to be consistent in gently moving her legs into a lying position. Maybe massaging the legs would help? It seems to just be a normal developmental thing as our babies get older/more skilled. Sorry I'm probably not much help, just know you're not the only one with a squirmy nurser.

    Also, I don't think hitting/flicking would help either.

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    Default Re: Kicking me while nursing!

    I've swaddled my lo when he gets to wiggly while nursing...

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    Default Re: Kicking me while nursing!

    I was going to suggesting using a blanket too to wrap about your lil ones legs/body. I have 2 active girls, and whenever I would feed them overnight (They are now STTN), I would wrap a receiving blanket around them (leaving arms out) before laying down to nurse. they were littler than your guy, but it may work!

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