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Thread: Hindmilk/foremilk: pumping block feeding

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    Default Hindmilk/foremilk: pumping block feeding

    My LO has had green foam bowel movements for over a week. She has been very gassy and not sleeping. I did some research and figured it was an imbalance with my hindmilk. To resolve this I have been block feeding. However I have been pumping and/or hand expressing prior to feeding on the new breast. So for example: pump right breast till a little creamy milk appears, then feed for three feedings on the right side without pumping in-between feedings. Then switching to the left breast and repeat the same process.
    My question is a two parter:

    1.) is what I am doing okay? Will she be hydrated?

    2.) I need to work on my milk storage for my return to work. How should I do this and incorporate to correct my imbalance?

    My husband really wants me to use formula, but I really want to breastfeed my baby. Please help.

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    Default Re: Hindmilk/foremilk: pumping block fee

    Your baby will be fine. But doing this does two things:

    1) perpetuates oversupply, which is part of the reason you have an fore milk/hindmilk imbalance (IMHO, there is no such real thing. It's all OS)
    2) makes more work for you.

    Instead, simply hand express a bit, if necessary, to soften the breast so baby can latch.

    Sometimes, you need longer blocks.

    Finally, block feeding can take quite a while before you start seeing a change. We are not alway taking days. It can take weeks. So don't get frustrated.
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    Default Re: Hindmilk/foremilk: pumping block fee

    with the PP. She is an oversupply guru!

    How old is your baby? A lot of moms start stressing about pumping and returning to work way before they have to. Depending on how old your baby is, now might be a good time to focus on nursing and just leave the pump on the shelf, for the most part.

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