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Thread: One breast significantly reduced supply

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    I have a 6 month old baby, and returned to work about a month ago. My supply was fine until the last week and all of sudden, one breast is only producing .5-1oz every 3 hours that I pump at work. The other is producing normal amounts of 3-4 oz per 3 hours (3x per workday). Any suggestions on bringing the other breast back up to speed?

    I breastfeed when I am at home at night, the morning and on the weekends. I am not under much (or increased stress) that would cause me to think it was the reason for the decrease. Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to unnecessarily have to supplement with formula.


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    Welcome to the forum! These links should help you: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html and http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/lopsided.html Basically, the key to increasing supply on one side is the same as the key to increasing supply on both sides: remove more milk more frequently. You might need to pump the underachieving breast 2 or 3 times as often as you pump your other breast, and perhaps work some pumping into your routine even when you are home with your baby.
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    The exact same thing just happened to me! One breast only! Thanks for the tips!

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    I have one side that gets chronically plugged ducts, and this really hits the supply in that breast. I started using a rice bag heated in the microwave while pumping and that seems to have helped a bit. It still doesn't produce as much as the good side, but it went from only about 1oz per pumping session to about 2.5 or even 3 on a good day! Do you have access to a microwave at work?

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    Thank you so much for the tips!

    My particular problem ended up being resolved by replacing a part of my breast pump (I had checked every other part except for the small phlanges that drop the milk into the storage container - there was a small tear). I replaced it, and despite not getting much milk out for the last few business days, I was able to produce a solid 3 oz as soon as it was replaced out of the one breast.

    I really learned quite a bit looking the information over that was submitted, and learned some great tips that I know I will be using in the future. (Such as the clogged ducts, as that has been a problem too).

    This is a great organization and a fantastic support system. I am so glad there are resources out there for other mom's like me!

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