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Thread: BFing leaving me feeling depleted

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    Exclamation BFing leaving me feeling depleted

    I am breastfeeding my beautiful 10.5 month old.
    She eats around the clock every 3 hours. Sometimes its even more frequent. She has 2 bottom teeth and doesnt act different when her teeth come in.

    I am SO tired. Not only have i not slept longer than 3 hours for 10.5 months but at this point i feel like shes sucking the life out of me. She eats on avg. 1-2 jars of 2nd stage food a day, puffs, and some juice.

    I had started to give her formula as I cannot produce enough milk. And this is why...
    I weighed 145 lbs before pregnancy and now I am 105 and still losing. At first i loved the weight drop but now i feel as if im wastig away. My lowest weight as an adult was 118 and i was a crazy running machine.

    I don want to stop breastfeeding but i feel as if im giving up my health for the breastmilk. I try to eat but im so tired and exhausted that it might not be enough. I canno call my local LLL leader because shes what i call a "lactivist.". She doesnt really listen to me...ive gone to meetings for 6 months now.

    My doctor, who knows NOTHING about breastfeeding thinks theres something medically wrong with me and scared me with possible cancer, checked my thyroid, had a full bloodowrk up and a barrage of tests. Everything normal minus a small hernia.

    I am under alot of stress because she makin me feel like im doomed to some never ending disease.

    Im a stay at home mom, full time college student with a 10 month old and a 3 yr old. I also co-sleep and she has an adequate amount of wet and poopie diapers. She isnt a chunk but is taller than average and I use o e breqst per feeding.
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    s. I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time of it. Since your doctor couldn't find anything wrong with you, my first thought is that you are not getting adequate calories. It is hard when you have two little ones sometimes getting enough to eat. You may have already tried this, but if I were you I would focus on getting as many calorie dense but healthy foods as I could. This site here seems to have some good suggestions.

    Hopefully some of the other mommas will have some more suggestions.
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    I'm sorry you're feeling this way, I agree with the pp. Im in a similar situation, and I try to eat more calorie dense food as the llladies here suggested when I made a similar question.

    About the sleeping... There are some gentle sleep training methods, like dr. Jay Gordon. I can't remember the other names and methods lol, maybe someone here knows them. But for the method I mentioned he suggests to do it after baby turns one.

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    Mama, I am sorry you're feeling so worn out and stressed. Since your doc ruled out medical issues- whch was smart, because often the issue is a bum thyroid and not nursing- I agree with scienceteachermommy that the probable problem is calorie intake, and perhaps stress as well because you obviously have a lot going on in your life that is weighing on you. Most college students don't have core for anything more demanding than themselves, a Facebook account, and maybe a potted plant. And when I was in college, I killed a lot of potted plants! (I thought my ivy plant would be fine if I went away for 3 weeks. Who knew it couldn't survive with no water for that long? )

    I don't think you need to stop nursing unless you want to. But night-weaning seems like a good place to start- check out the Jay Gordon suggestions, and also Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for some approaches that may help with your nighttime issues. If that, plus increased calorie intake doesn't help, then revisit the nursing issue again.

    One thing I don't think you need to worry about is producing enough milk. It sounds like your body takes the milk production thing so seriously that it is burning up all your fat reserves in order to make sure your baby gets fed. So if you don't want to supplement with formula, you probably don't have to.

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    Default Re: BFing leaving me feeling depleted

    Since your doctor has already ruled out any health issues, I wouldn't blame BFing for your weight loss, energy. I would blame my life style. Maybe try contacting a dietitian to help you plan your meals and ensure you're getting not only the right calorie intake but also the right nutrients to keep you healthy.
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