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Thread: Chronic Clogged Milk Ducts

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    My daughter is almost 5 months old and I have exclusively breastfed her since birth. Ever since she was born, I have continuously had clogged milk ducts on both of my breasts, though it is typically just one side at a time. They will get clogged for a few days, clear up and then happen again a few days later. It's very painful and it gets frustrating. I try massaging the lumps while nursing, expressing milk while in a warm shower, pumping after nursing, etc. and nothing seems to quickly clear them out. It seems like one breast is always clogged. I did not experience this with my 1st daughter who I breastfed for 10 months (with her I rarely had clogged ducts and got Mastitis once). I'm not sure if I just need to continue to live with this or if I could go to a doctor or what I could do. Any suggestions?

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    I have a daughter who is slightly older than 5 months and I keep getting recurring blocked ducts as well - actually, I'm not sure if they're blocked ducts or plugged nipple pores. There's usually a white dot on my nipple that I can pick off or squeeze out after a bit of effort. I don't seem to be able to wear a bra because if I go braless, I have no troubles.

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    I tend to be really cloggy

    Try the following:

    Check your bras for areas that could pinch. I found one particular bra and one nursing tank were behind a lot of plugs
    Make sure baby wearing isn't compressing your ducts. One of my carriers always causes clogs
    Get any OS under control
    Stop pumping (this helps with the OS) and just nurse baby
    Cut saturated fats from your diet. Even one pat of butter might be enough to cause a plug
    Soy lecithin
    Try different nursing positions
    Wool nursing pads, even if you don't leak
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