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Thread: f-h imbalance w/o oversuppy??? HELP

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    Default f-h imbalance w/o oversuppy??? HELP

    I'm in the processs of trying to figure out my 7 week old lo's green diarrhea-like poop and the LC mentioned f-h imbalance and suggested block feeding-which I started as of Thursday. However, I don't have oversupply or oald and I am concerned about block feeding reducing my supply further (and frustrating/underfeeding LO as she seems to NEED both boobs in order to get enough milk). At our last ped appt (fri) she had lost 2 ounces after having gained steadily, which makes me more concerned about limiting her feeding to one breast.

    I left a message for the LC but haven't heard back.

    BTW-I'm also eliminating dairy (as of Thurs).

    Help is greatly appreciated as I'm really concerned I'm not doing the right thing here!

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    Default Re: f-h imbalance w/o oversuppy??? HELP

    I agree, it sounds like you do need to use both breasts. If you don't feel like you have any oversupply or OALD symptoms, and block feeding has neither caused your baby to have yellow poops nor made her gain acceptable weight, then I think block feeding is not the right thing to be doing. The dairy elimination is a good place to start, however.

    How is nursing going, aside from the green poops? And how h weight gain been, up till now? (Post some numbers for us!)

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    Default Re: f-h imbalance w/o oversuppy??? HELP

    Thanks for the reply mommal! She was born at 6lb 14oz, went down to 6lbs 6oz and steadily gained through last Wed. when she was 10lbs 8oz. Then she was down to 10lbs 6oz two days later (Friday) when we went into the Dr. for blood in her stools. She has not been weighed again since Friday so I don't know if the block feeding would have helped her gain in that short time.

    Nursing was good up until week 4 when she started pulling and flailing-she still does this about 75% of the time-almost never in the middle of the night feedings (when my supply is also at its peak and she usually does only nurse from one side then). My initial concern was that my supply was low and she was going hungry not getting enough, however, she continued to gain weight so I kind of ruled that out. My current guess is that she gets frustrated when the flow slows and she has to work harder-generally I think my supply might be on the lowish side but she had been gaining so well that I was hoping to put that concern to rest. I do breast compressions to help keep her sucking and swallowing but since about 3 weeks of age she is done with both sides within 20 minutes, and that includes time she's passively sucking...so I'm always worried I'm not producing enough-which is why I was so concerned with block feeding.

    I'm thinking the 2 ounces she lost this week might be related to the increased pooping and not my supply?? But I don't know. Do you think it's possible that I do have a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance w/o OALD or oversuppply? Maybe b/c she pulls off so frequently she doesn't get all the hindmilk? But then how can I remedy that without risking the loss of my supply? AAAHHHH, I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes thinking myself in circles!

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    Default Re: f-h imbalance w/o oversuppy??? HELP

    Hmm, as far as I know, foremilk/hindmilk issues seem to be almost exclusively an issue related to milk oversupply. I am not sure that it is possible to have an imbalance with normal or low supply. (I'd love to hear some of the other LLLadies chime in here... )

    Increased pooping is very, very unlikely to cause weight loss. Baby can't poop out what she didn't take in, some more poop = milk intake = calorie intake.

    Based on what you've posted, I admit that I find this to be a bit of a head scratcher. But I feel like the issue is unlikely to be a foremilk/hindmilk or fast letdown issue, because block feeding obviously isn't doing anything for you. I think I'd be more concerned about an allergy/intolerance- which is why I think it's great that you're pursing the dairy elimination. in your shoes, I would go back to using 2 breasts per feeding, keep on with the elimination diet, and give it a few weeks. Dietary eliminations can take a while to work, because there can be residual allergen in your system for a long time. If nothing improves, then maybe revisit the issue.

    Wish I had more for you!

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    Default Re: f-h imbalance w/o oversuppy??? HELP

    No, I'm with you, mammal, in that I have never seen an imbalance without an OS, and IKHO, it's not an imbalance, per say, it's just that baby gets all fore milk; there is plenty of hind milk, but baby never gets to it.

    I would try to always start feedings with the breast I ended on the last time to ensure baby gets more hind milk, but I would not block feed, and I would do the DF thing. That can take 6 weeks to see a difference, so don't give up too soon.
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