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Thread: Is Mucinex safe to take while BF?

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    Default Is Mucinex safe to take while BF?

    I have gotten a bad cold and I was wanting to take Mucinex. Is that safe for my 8 week old?

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    Default Re: Is Mucinex safe to take while BF?

    I would check out this website to see:

    Also http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/cold-remedy.html
    has a lot of good information for what to take with a cold

    feel better soon!
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    Default Re: Is Mucinex safe to take while BF?

    Here is some information on cold medications and BF.
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    Default Re: Is Mucinex safe to take while BF?

    BTW I take honey and lemon in boiling hot water when I have a throat problem, and for any cold or flu I cut up fresh garlic into pieces small enough to swallow: 2 cloves right away, 2 cloves 30 minutes later, followed by a clove an hour until I begin feeling better. Garlic alone has radically helped me with colds, I've even had the experience where it changed me from completely stuffed sinuses that affected my voice to the arid-dry nose like an overactive antihistamine (that was 8 cloves within 2 hours because I had to go to work). The downside of fresh garlic is that after 4 or so you will have sulphuric-smelling gas about ten hours later, but if you're sick you're not really social, it's a small price to pay.
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