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Thread: Sleep Problem - 13 month old

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    Question Sleep Problem - 13 month old

    My 13-month old just started waking up and fussing at night. I took her to her ped and they said she was on the verge of having an ear infection. They saw swelling and fluid starting to build up so they prescribed her an antibiotic. She should be done with her antibiotic tomorrow night but she is still waking up after I put her to sleep and screaming non-stop. She does not have a fever and she did just get another tooth so I am sure that is not helping either. However, I have no idea what to do to help her. I know that picking her up will lead to bad behaviors. We are trying to sit in the room with her so she can still see us but that is not helping. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. My normal routine has always been nursing her until she fell asleep and then putting her in her crib. In the few instances that she woke up, usually a short back rub would help her fall right back to sleep. This is no longer working. Help! She has been screaming the past hour non-stop...and that is with one of us sitting in the room with her

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    Default Re: Sleep Problem - 13 month old

    I am sorry your LO is so miserable. Mama, in this instance I think comforting your child with nursing or cuddles or rocking- whatever it takes, really- is much more important than risking her developing a "bad" behavior. And IMHO, wanting to be held, comforted, rocked, nursed, etc., is not bad behavior. It's inconvenient behavior, but not bad behavior. So I would top her up with Tylenol right before bed and in the night, as necessary, and also do whatever it takes to help her get back to sleep. 'Cause what you're doing... Sounds like it's not working and it's making everyone miserable.

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    Default Re: Sleep Problem - 13 month old

    I also disagree that picking her up will lead to bad behaviors. I think you should try that. Maybe she just feels crappy coming off of her ear infection the way we all do when we're sick, or maybe she has a tooth that is still buried but moving around and irritating her. Or maybe the abx hurt her tummy..there's so many maybes, but if picking her up and cuddling her will help just try it. And if someone from the "bad behavior" police gets on your case tell them your kid doesn't feel well and to drop it.
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    Agreed, I would much rather pick my kid up and create a "bad" behavior then listen to them screaming for hours on end. What is bad about a baby wanting to be held anyhow?

    I know its hard, trying to do what you think is best in the long run, etc...but for right now your baby sounds like she needs you, and needs to be held.
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    Default Re: Sleep Problem - 13 month old

    Pick that baby up and nurse her. She'll be comforted, she'll sleep and so will you. Nothing bad in any of that.
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    Default Re: Sleep Problem - 13 month old

    I agree with all the PP's!

    She doesn't feel well and needs to be comforted!
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    Default Re: Sleep Problem - 13 month old

    I agree that you should pick her up, nurse, or do whatever she needs. Also, I put a mattress on the floor in the nursery and I nurse my son lying down at night. It really helps us both get more rest.

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