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Thread: Nursing a toddler questions

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    My DD is 11 months old. She just started solids a month & a half ago. Since starting solids, her nursing has declined dramatically. I'm not ready to cut her off yet. I have a few classes I need to take. 4 - 2 hour classes with about a 20 minute drive each way, if not longer, and a 6 hour class with the same drive time. I'm really anxious about this as I don't want to give her cow's milk while I'm gone. Not to mention she hasn't ever been away from me that long before. So, the past few nights I've been pumping before bed & have only gotten a tiny amount. I'm hoping this is because she has been sleeping through the night - not due to her sudden decline in nursing?? What is normal for a LO this age to be nursing. I had such a struggle getting started, I don't want to have to stop nursing her. TIA.
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    Several thoughts -

    Since you don't normally nurse or pump at night, it makes sense that you're not producing a lot of milk at that time. It doesn't mean you aren't making plenty at other times of day. But if you keep the pumping schedule, your supply will increase at that time. (Also, a lot of women who EBF have a hard time letting down for a pump - it's not a highly efficient and cute and nice smelling baby!

    Eleven months is pretty normal time for babies to get really distractible and nurse less. But if you keep nursing through this time, most babies pick up in their nursing around a year, when a little separation anxiety kicks in.

    For such short class times, your baby might be fine with solids and water while you're gone, and you can nurse her when you get home? That's probably what I would do in your shoes.

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