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Thread: Mastitis again?? Not sure.....

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    Default Mastitis again?? Not sure.....

    So when my LO was about 6 months old, I got mastitis. Doctor put me on antibiotics to clear up the infection, and we were done with that little episode. Last night I noticed it was hurting when L was nursing on my right side in bed.

    I blew off the pain as him using his little chompers because he's teething. Well tonight when he was nursing it hurt again. I just happened to come into the bathroom for a bath and noticed my boob has a knot in it (so probably a clogged duct), but it's red right where the knot is (not something I experienced last time). Does this mean infection again? I'm not too worried about it since this has happened before.

    But, is there anything I can do to work out the clog before resorting to a doctor?? Between my toddler, work, and life itself I don't think i'll get time to head to the doctor.

    Any advice or tips would help. Thanks LLLadies!
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    Default Re: Mastitis again?? Not sure.....

    The redness over the clogged area could certainly indicate the beginning stages of mastitis. So stay alert for additional symptoms (fever, chills, aches, pains, malaise, spreading redness). If you see any of those, it may be time to see the doc.

    It is very possible to treat mastitis without resorting to the doc. The key to treatment is to remove as much milk from the affected area as possible as often as possible. So, try the following:
    - moist heat (immerse breast in a warm bath, take lots of showers, use a wet washcloth on the nipple and breast)
    - massage
    - frequent nursing or pumping is baby is not nursing well
    - vary your nursing/pumping position
    - check your nipple for any blisters or clogged areas- you may be able to see a whitish bubble or dot over the opening of a duct, and sometimes if you pick at that with a sterile needle (I know, ouch!) you can open it up and get things flowing again

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