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Thread: Nervous about bottles

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    We use the playtex drop ins with the latex nipple and he does pretty well. It has been about 2 weeks since ds3 had a bottle and 2 weeks ago he took it no problem but today my dh said he fought it for about 10 minutes but finally took it. When he did suck he drained the bottle with about 3oz in no time at all.. I have to go back to work nov 8 so we will be practicing a little more often although my dh doesn't really see the need. I just don't want my poor baby to be hungry without me. Luckily I work nights so he will really only need about 2 or 3 feeds from my dh and then I'll bf him during the day.
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    Hey mamas, I felt the same way as a first time mum. Don't worry about babies taking a bottle or not. Babies are smart and will eat when they're hungry at daycare. The DCPs here say they swaddle the LOs who resist bottles so they feel calm and secure, then offer the bottle periodically until LO decides to try it. If a baby won't drink from a bottle, it's no tragedy: cup feeding
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    Hi! I am new to the forums and I just had a question. My son is 5 weeks old and we have been BF since birth. He is doing great with it. We introduced the bottle once a day at 3 weeks and he is fine with it. My problem is my mom is on hospice and I have been leaving my son with my best friend since I can't bring him to the hospital. I am worried that he will wean himself from my breast if he gets too many bottles. He nursed fine after I returned home, I just want to make sure that he won't start to prefer the bottle if he is getting so used to it. Thank you.

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