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Thread: pumping and surgery

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    My son was born with 1/2 of his mouth paralysied. It has since resolved itself, but because of that, I've been pumping since he was born (he just could not latch on no matter what was tried). He is now 8 months old.
    I have to have major surgery on the 24th of this month. I will have to stay in the hospital at least one night. Ugh.
    I've already know that for the first 24 hours I will have to pump and dump, which stinks. I do have enough milk in the freezer for at least four days.
    But, last time I had major surgery, I was in pretty bad shape for the first several hours. I do not do well with any kind of general anstesia. Unfortuantely, this surgery will be done under general. I vomit (even when given something that is suppose to prevent that), get really restless, have difficult thinking, etc. I am afraid I will be in no shape to pump for at least 12 hours.
    This of course is not good for my milk supply. As with my two previous children, my supply tends to be all over the place: Just enough one day, too much the next, and not nearly enough the day after that. I've tried a few things and nothing seems to help.
    What can you ladies suggest? I really don't want to have to switch to forumula, not only due to the benfits of breast milk and the cost of formula, but also because my son has acid refux and I am afraid it might get worse should I switch him to formula.

    P.S. Please ignore all spelling errors. My stupid computer won't let me check spelling.

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    Wow, I am sorry this is in the card for you, mama! I think the first thing I would do is to get the names of all the drugs you will be given up to, during, and after surgery, and then call Infant Risk and see what they have to say about them. You may not need to pump and dump for as long as you think! But even if you do, I think there's still no reason to think that you're going to need to formula-feed. You're 4 days ahead in terms of supply, so even if you can't pump much while in the hospital, and even if you have to dump 24 hours worth of milk, you should still be a couple of days ahead. And in that couple of days, hopefully you will be able to pump lots and rebuild your supply, so that even if your supply does take a serious hit from not being able to pump much during recovery, you'll get things back on track. Basically, I think all you can do is pump as much as possible and see what happens. There're no guarantees, and it's situations like this that make me glad that formula exists. If you do get into a pinch, formula will be there while you rebuild supply. You can do it!

    What sort of surgery are you having?

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    Default Re: pumping and surgery

    I'm not sure I have much to add, since I don't have much experience with pumping, but I wanted to send many s your way. It sounds like you've been through a lot already!

    I've also felt ill after general anesthesia, although your reaction sounds stronger than mine. I felt very nauseous and hungry at the same time. It helped for me to eat very very little, very very slowly, and very light things (crackers, jello, water) until my stomach felt better again. I felt the confusion too, but I thought it was a reaction to the other narcotics they gave me before the anesthesia (the one supposed to make the mind relax).

    It sounds like you will need your rest after the surgery, but I was wondering--since you're worried about this--could someone help you pump once or twice in the first 12 hours? Not immediately after the surgery but maybe 5 or 6 hours later? Does the hospital have a maternity ward, and if so, maybe they have a hospital-grade pump you could use?
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    I don't handle anesthesia well either

    If you can, pump post-op. If you can't, it will work out. You have the base where you can pump and pump and have it come back. Store as much as you can, as it could take a week or more to come back, if, say the worst happens and you end up not pumping too much for 24 hours.

    Take your pump, as you will respond better to your pump. I even take my own hospital grade with me on our hospital stays, so I don't have wait for a nurse to bring me a pump or trek to the lactation room.

    Contact InfantRisk and ask. Many premeds and induction agents are perfectly safe, and inhalant anesthesia vanishes from your system quickly. It might be more of a problem depending on what antibiotics and pain control they might wish to give you.
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