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Thread: 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

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    Exclamation 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

    Our LO was 39 weeks 3 days and has slept most if not, all of the time. While this is normal, I was told it wouldn't last. The first few days, we had to do every trick to get him to wake up to feed. I thought we finally got a good latch before we left the hospital and he was feeding well.

    Now after being home, he has only eaten twice in the last 12 hours. I have to wake him every time, and by that I mean do every trick, to BF and he's started to resist the breast. He started to look more jaundiced and I started to become engorged with colostrum! (My milk hasn't come in yet.) Luckily I have a breast pump and have been pumping. As a last resort, we got a dropper and fed him 1 oz with a dropper an hour ago.

    My questions:

    My engorgement is not going down very much. I've tried a hot shower and pumping. Will cabbage leaves do the trick? Is there anything else?

    I'm going to have to keep pumping. Should I keep using the dropper? How can I ensure he takes the breast later on?

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    Default Re: 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

    hi mama.

    you should not be pumping. if your lo is sleeping you need to wake him. is he sleeping or lethargic?

    my son was very sleepy. i had to keep waking him up, switching back and forth between breasts, putting him down etc. work on your latch everytime, use compressions, it helps the milk flow out faster. look at the newman videos below, one of them shows compressions.

    count diapers and just keep nursing mama. you can do this.

    if you are feeling engorged, that means your milk came in to feel better you need to nurse him... nurse nurse nurse.

    get yourself set up in a rocking chair/glider, snacks, boppy, books, computer, whatever you like and sit and nurse him.




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    Default Re: 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

    I don't usually disagree with the PP, but in this case I do: if the baby is not nursing enough (and 2x in 12 hours is definitely not enough), and cannot be woken to nurse, then you should be pumping.

    In your shoes, I would do the following:
    1. Call the pediatrician. 2 nursing sessions in 12 hours and increasingly jaundiced appearance could mean trouble in terms of milk intake.
    2. Keep exceedingly careful track of wet and poopy diapers. (The pediatrician should want to know how many of each, and what color the baby's stool is.)
    3. Pump every 2-3 hours.
    4. Feed the baby. Encourage him to nurse every 2 hours. If you try every trick and he still won't nurse, feed him some other way: cup, dropper, bottle- whatever it takes. Yes, you are risking increasing your trouble with nursing but at this stage feeding him is worth the risk.
    5. If you are in a sunny area, make sure that the baby gets plenty of sunshine. If it's too cold to go out, put the heat on in the house and put him in a sunny spot near the window. Sunshine breaks down bilirubin, and that helps make the jaundice decrease.
    6. Make an appointment with a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. If there is something not going right with nursing, hands-on help will help you fix it. The LC can help you with pumping (making sure you have the right pump, and the right shields), and can help you find ways to feed the baby that don't increase his resistance to nursing.

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    Default Re: 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

    I agree with mommal. With a 3 day old you need to get food into the baby. He could be lethargic from jaundice, which is causing him to not nurse well. If you are engorged, your milk is in and that is good news! You can supplement him with your own milk! I HAD to supplement my son (with formula, no less!) the first two weeks. My milk literally took two weeks to come in and we had no wet diapers. That is a medical emergency. One thing though- if you give him some pumped milk via cup, eye dropper whatever, it will actually help his ability to nurse. What happened with my son is he was so hungry he became exhausted. By 2 weeks of age he was exclusively nursing and his weight caught up. He is now a 21 lb 8 month old. You can have a rough start and go on to a wonderful breastfeeding relationship. You can do this!
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    Default Re: 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

    hi again. i agree the milk needs to me removed and the baby needs to eat more, i just got the impression the OP was going to the pump rather than getting the baby to the breast. maybe i misread my original post should have included more information, sorry mama!

    i just find a lot of moms who hit bumps in the road use a pump instead of working more at the breast or calling an LC.

    i had to work VERY hard to get my son to wake and not fall back asleep. it was exhausting . thats why i set myself up at a chair and just did whatever i needed to to have him nursing often. for us it was literally non stop for a few weeks. and that was with him falling asleep, me waking him putting him on, him falling asleep, repeat. i did not pump, for me that can complicate things. my son had jaundice too. to know he was ok though, i was counting diapers, working on the latch every time, compressions every time... his weight increased and his color from the jaundice started to decrease quickly. our dr gave us tips on how to watch the color and what it would mean. bascially the color will start in the head, work its way down the body and then decease back up, leaving the face last.

    pp is right, hands on help would be the best

    how is it going?
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    Default Re: 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

    I agree with mommal.

    DS had jaundice and was so sleepy all the time that he would not nurse. The dr's told me to wake his little butt up every 2 1/2-3 hours and make sure he eats. The hardest thing to do was keep him awake! The things that worked the best was taking off his clothes and do a lot of skin-to-skin contact and changing his diaper to initially wake him up.

    I also pumped and gave what I could to him in a bottle since he never was latching very good. I regret that though because he quickly preferred the bottle over my breast. Now I am stuck 2 1/2 months later using a nipple shield because he like the hard rubber-like feel rather than my bare breast nipple. If you are supplementing because you find he is not taking the breast well at first- try to use an alternate feeder (like a dropper) because you might find yourself like me and have to work extra hard to accept your breast over a bottle.
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    Default Re: 3 day old not eating, Please HELP!

    In the first few days I sort of "lived" with my LO attached to my breast. I had a c-section so I was in the hospital for 4 days, perhaps this made it easier. I stayed in bed and nursed her on my side, skin-to-skin. She would fall asleep and stay asleep at the breast, and I would raise her arm gently up and down, pat her back, tickle her feet and legs. She would wake up, suckle for a little bit, fall asleep again. I would keep her like this for maybe 40 minutes at a time! My husband helped with the tickling and raising of her arms and legs. I think at some point the pediatrician on call was even surprised that we stayed with her on the breast for so long given that she wasn't actively sucking all of the time--he said I was just hurting my boobs that way--but it seemed to have worked for us. By the time we went back home she wasn't so sleepy anymore.
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