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    Last night my 3 days old son got gas so bad he cried for hours before anything worked. He hadn't eaten and my breast were too full. I bought a pump at walmart looking for relief in any form. Later after the gas had subsided he ate from the bottle with no problem. Now he doesn't want to go back to the breast. Are there any problems if he only wants the bottle? Also is there a way to get him back to the breast.

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    You really don't want to go the route of exclusive pumping. It is waaaay too much work. One good way to get him back to the breast is lots of skin to skin time. Here are some suggestions on getting him back to the breast.
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    What the pp said....breast is way easier in the long run. EPing takes tons of time and it's not very mobile. Your baby is very young you shouldn't have too much trouble getting him back to the breast.
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    3 days old is so little. i would just keep him at the breast. set yourself up with a boppy or pillows, some snacks and just nurse him. get the womanly art of breastfeeding, it is wonderful! skin to skin contact is also very important.

    the milk comes out of a bottle fast, it just flows. no effort needed. the baby needs to work at getting the milk at the breast. encourage him and help him. work on the latch every time,keep him close. my sons gas passes instantly when he is nursing. the best way to soothe a baby is with a breast


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    No more bottles. Feed the baby...just some other way. I EP by necessity, and it is horrible compared to actual breastfeeding. You also didn't say which pump you bought, and most of those sold at Walmart are simply not good enough anyway to really get your supply going.

    Check out the link.

    You could also try a nipple shield and then wean from it once baby is nursing.

    You can overcome this. My first baby had really bad nipple confusion/preference from just one bottle given while I was in emergency surgery after his birth, and it took some weeks and determination on my part to overcome it.
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