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Thread: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

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    Default BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    I've been doing BLS with my 6 month old for about a week now. We're super pumped- I found sweet potato in her diaper after the first night!
    But, I'm a little confused. I've read in books (including LLL stuff) to avoid "wheat products" for awhile, but then I see in the same literature to let them go for "wheat breads, cereals." So, what's the difference? What am I supposed to avoid? I've given her some Cherrios, and while she gets some in her mouth, she hasn't swallowed yet.
    Also, I'm excited about the idea of hummus, but I wondering if store bought or from a restaurant hummus is ok. Does it have too many additives (salt, oil, etc.)?

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    Default Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    My understanding is that the recommendation about allergenic foods have changed in recent years because studies seem to indicate that putting off introducing allergenic foods does not seem to decrease the incidence of allergens.

    As to the hummus, I would probably make my own to start out with, just because you could control what is int it.
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    Default Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    Yep - recommendations about delaying allergenic foods has changed very recently.

    Hummus - I'd introduce all the ingredients separately FIRST and then make my own version. Hummus is super easy to make.
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    Default Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    My son LOVED hummus from about 7 months on. I gave him store-bought...but I was in a temporary living situation where I didn't have any of my kitchen untensil, so homemade really wasn't an option at that point.

    Most hummus doesn't have a ton of extra stuff, but there are better brands than others.

    And as far as wheat - I was very confused by that too. But I went with the philosophy from PP, that there is no research to indicate reason for holding off on allergenic prone foods...so I just gave it to him and watched for a reaction, like anything else!
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    Default Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    I would definitely make my own hummus before trying store-bought or a restaurant variety. There are SO many different store varieties and they seem to run the gamut on salt, preservatives, calories, etc. I've been super careful with my kids' salt intake so I just opted for making my own. I love it and it's very easy. My daughter adores hummus. If you have a nice Middle Eastern restaurant near you, I would opt for that hummus over store-bought simply because I think you're more likely to find fresh non-preserved hummus. And it will probably taste better, too!
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    Default Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    Yes, info on allergens has changed. My son is 9 months and we have successfully done hummus (organic store bought), sprouted bread, peanut butter & dairy. All babes are different however. At this point it's still mostly tasting and learning how to eat, sometimes things go in and down!
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    Default Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    Please be careful if you are giving infants thick hummus or peanut butter - not from an allergy perspective, but that the are choking hazards, especially if you put them on something soft like untoasted bread.

    From an allergy perspective I would trial foods separately for now, especially if you have a family history of any allergies.
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