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Thread: Ok now what?

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    Last night my 6 week old ds3 slept from 9pm till 3am. Of course I woke up way before about to burst. I ended up pumping at about 2:15 because I didn't want to wake him up. The night before he did this but I woke him up at 2 and fed him. Now this is a lot of hours for him to sleep in a row and if I was going to be a sahm I might just keep waking him up and feeding him however I work full time and will be going back at around 12 weeks and I work nights as a nurse. So I don't want to discourage him from sleeping because I won't always be there at night his daddy will. So I guess the question I have is this okay? For him to sleep this long without eating? And should I just pump? It's not like I don't need the freezer supply and I have been pumping once a day anyway.
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    My pedi always said if they are gaining well then it's okay. My daughter had to be woken up every four hours for her first eight weeks becasue she wasn't gaining weight. My second is gaining well and he is 7 weeks and sleeping about 5-6 hour streches at night. I am not pumping. Your breasts will adjust as the baby changes
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    It's fine to let him sleep, so long as he's having a normal number of wet diapers and gaining weight. I must warn you, however, that most babies sleep better at six weeks than they do at six months. Enjoy the good nights of sleep while you can! They might not last. (To reduce your need to pump in the middle of the night, put off pumping as long as you can, and then only pump enough to take the edge off your discomfort, rather than emptying your breasts. This will hopefully train your body to wait a bit longer before getting engorged.)

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