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    I have been exclusively nursing my 11 week old baby, about a week ago I thought i was getting my period because i was spotting but its like on and off one day its there and one day its not and its not alot either just when I wipe myself is when I notice it. Is this normal? I dont have any cramping. I thought if you exclusively fed your baby you shouldnt get your period?

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    Actually, exclusive breastfeeding doesn't guarantee that you won't get your period. It just decreases the likelihood. Your period and your fertility can return at any time. While many nursing moms will not experience a cycle for months and months after their babies are born, some will get their cycles back within weeks, and at the other extreme, some will not get their cycles back until their babies wean completely.

    This could be your period trying to come back, or it could be an extreme outlier of your lochia (postpartum bleeding), or if you are on hormonal contraception, it could be a side-effect of that.

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