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    I am having problems getting my 8 week old daughter to latch correctly. She will only latch on the tip of my breast and after numerous tries of getting her latched on correctly we both become frustrated and I them have to resort to a shield. However after starting with the shield she will only finish with the shield and that's not good for either of us. I spoke with an LC who told me that I just needed to try harder. Can anyone please offer suggestions. I'm losing hope. She is my 4th breastfed child so this is not new territory for me which makes it even more discouraging.

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    Maybe you could go visit an LC vs. just speaking to one on the phone? I know that I had to use a nipple shield for a few weeks, until DD's suck got stronger, and she was able to get more organized. I was very discouraged, and ready to quit daily, but it DOES get easier. If an LC isn't an option, mabye try getting to an LLL meeting or getting a Leader to come to your house. I did both!
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    I would also suggest going to see an LC, preferably IBCLC. Is tongue tie possible?
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    I also wonder about tongue tie. Is your baby's latch painful, or does it just look wrong?

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