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Thread: Help! My milk is disapearing!!

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    with PPs. Four or five nursing sessions a day is a lot less than you need for that age. If you want to increase your milk supply, you will have to increase the number of times you're nursing him. Otherwise, every time you're introducing formula right now, you're undermining the supply you have left, and you will continue to see a decrease.

    In order to increase your supply, you will have to nurse or pump "dry" a bit. It's the nipple stimulation that encourages your body to make more milk. So it takes a few days of nursing or pumping even when there is not a lot of milk for your body to get that message. If your baby is hungry and needs formula, try to give as little as possible to satiate him, and ALSO PUMP.

    One final thought: Make sure you're not pregnant. Because that often results in an immediate loss of supply that cannot be regained through nursing more (it's hormonal). It sounds more like you've lost supply by oversupplementing (which can totally happen ), but just in case.

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    Thanks everyone think i also just needed some reasurance. no one wher i stay nows anythn about breastfeeding. even whn i was in the hospital after giving birth no one could show me hw to get a proper latch. thanks again everyone xxxxx

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    When I was weaning off of formula supplements with DS1, I was advised to decrease by 1oz per day by my LC. Seemed to work brilliantly.

    I was also pumping like a mad woman after feeding to up my supply, as I had received a lot of bad advice in those early weeks that had seriously affected my supply. I went on to EBF until around 10 months, and DS officially weaned about 1 month after he turned 4.

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