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Thread: The Vicious Circle of Reflux/Oversupply?

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    Question The Vicious Circle of Reflux/Oversupply?

    Help! Do I have an overeater? Abundant supply? Baby with reflux? All or some of the above? Here are the facts:

    I have a 2 week old boy. He drank a 4 ounce bottle of my milk at 1 week old! He sleeps for 2-4 hour periods in the daytime, then at night it is a chore to get him calmed to sleep. It goes something like this:

    Nurse him.
    Hold him upright as long as we can while vigorously patting his back.
    Lay him down in Pack n Play next to our bed.
    Listen to sputtering/coughing/wheezing/struggling sounds until we can't take it anymore.
    Pick him up. Sometimes fall asleep (against our best efforts and desires) with him laying tummy down on top of our tummy. Or next to us in bed.

    Repeat next night!

    We have tried:
    Inclining his crib mattress
    Burping him longer
    Putting him in vibrating chair before transfer to crib
    Putting him in carseat before transfer to crib
    Using reflux meds prescribed by his pediatrician (we have a radiology appt tomorrow to look at his upper GI tract)

    Now I am reading about oversupply and am also getting conflicting info:

    Cold compresses vs. warm
    Pump a lot vs. pump just enough for comfort
    pump just enough comfort vs. risk mastitis because of unrelieved plugged ducts

    I am at a quandary as to how to proceed. I sense that oversupply is my problem because the day after I got home from the hospital my breasts felt like they were filled with rocks and marbles (plugged ducts). I got a pump and the few times I pumped I would fill either half or a whole bottle with each breast and sometimes still have stubbornly plugged ducts. Now I am reading that I should pump no more than 30 seconds....which would definitely not relieve my ducts.

    I have unhappily resorted to using a pacifier sometimes. I have no problem with him nursing to soothe himself if all that extra milk didn't create struggling sounds that worry me.

    What to do? AAAHH!
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    Default Re: The Vicious Circle of Reflux/Oversup

    You can try putting cabbage leaves in your bra to relieve engorgement. No, really, it works! And the key to reducinging production is to allow your breasts to remain full. When they are full, your body gets the signal to stop making more milk for a while. If you pump or express too much milk (beyond the bare minimum to give you a little bit of relief), your body will seek to replace it, thinking that your baby needs more. Here is a good link on engorgement from Kelly mom. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...gorgement.html Another great thing to try is block feeding. Here's a link to a great discussion here on the forums. http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...ng-Description

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    Default Re: The Vicious Circle of Reflux/Oversup

    From your description I'm not sure if you have plugs or simply engorgement. In the beginning my breasts often felt lumpy, but that was engorgement and overfullness. A plugged duct will be painful, forming a tender area in your breast that is harder than the rest (and occasionally red and/or hot). Now, of course engorgement makes plugs more likely, so they are related. And you should definitely be vigilant about clogs.
    Re: engorgement and oversupply... it's normal to overproduce in the beginning, with time your body will adjust to the demands of your baby. But you might have to give it a little help as PP suggested. Block feeding was the most effective thing for me, I had to go on blocks of 3/4 hours.
    While you are engorged, be extra careful about anything that can put pressure on the breast such as tight bras/clothing. Even the elastic band of a sleep bra can compress ducts and cause a plug. In addition to cabbage, you can also use cold compresses for relief. I found that cool compresses worked better than super-cold. There is something called "Booby Tubes" that you can buy and put in the fridge.
    Re: reflux... I don't have much advice on this. My LO is a happy spitter so she was never on medication. We did hold her for a loooooong time after feeds to help with the spit, and it was exhausting--between feeding and holding and changing diapers there wasn't time for anything else! But it got better until one day we didn't have to hold her anymore.
    Good luck! It gets better and easier with time!
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    Default Re: The Vicious Circle of Reflux/Oversup

    I think you may want to find a way to either put the baby to sleep at an incline or figure out a way to be OK with co-sleeping. It could be reflux. It also could be that he is too young to be ok with being away from you. And needs you near him so he can feel and smell you to really sleep very well.

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