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Thread: Explosive green poo, fussy during feeds?

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    Default Explosive green poo, fussy during feeds?

    Hi, I have a 7 week old DD who started fussing and flailing during feeds about 2.5 weeks ago. This week she started having very green poop with some mucus and has at least 2 VERY explosive poops a day(hit the wall 3 ft from changer),in addition to several other good sized poops per day and regular pees. She is gaining well (17 oz in 11 days as of yesterday-10lbs 8oz).

    We have received numerous different opinions from our pediatrician and two different LCs. Our ped thought it was normal development-that she was feeling discomfort from her intestines working during eating, the first LC thought reflux or milk allergy and the other LC felt it is related to foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. With so many differing opinions I don't know what to do or think!!! Yesterday I started eliminating dairy just in case and today I started feeding her from one side only during feeds. However, my supply is not overly abundant and she seems even more frustrated at getting little milk. We're not sure whether to fill the zantac script or not!

    Any thoughts??? Help!!

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    Default Re: Explosive green poo, fussy during fe

    I think the 3 options you have been given are the right ones. I'd probably suspect foremilk/hindmilk issues or an allergy/intolerance before reflux, just because I don't know that reflux is associated with green poos. But it's really hard to sort the three options out- you have to go by process of elimination. If a dairy elimination doesn't work, you try the one-sided feedings. If that doesn't work, you start eliminating other suspect foods (wheat and soy are also common allergens). If that doesn't work, you give the reflux meds a whirl. Of course, that's just for example- you can always start somewhere else, like begin with reflux meds and then add in a dietary elimination, or you can work the problem from all aspects simultaneously (dietary elimination, reflux meds, and one-sided feedings) and then experiment with adding things back in once you've seen improvement. Confusing, right?

    I know this is super frustrating, but you have to be patient and recognize that figuring this problem out is a process of trial and error and that some days you will feel like you've made progress and other days you will feel like nothing is working. But as long as the baby is gaining weight and is meeting her developmental milestones, you have got the basics right! Even if she's fussy, or has an allergy, or has some reflux, it's okay because she is growing. And most likely she will grow out of these problems. A lot of fussy, confusing behavior peaks right around this time and disappears by around 3 months, so just hang in there!

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    Default Re: Explosive green poo, fussy during fe

    My son has reflux and he fusses during feeding sometimes. But that is not his only symptom. He also makes sour faces and gasps and "appears" to be choking in between feedings. You can definately tell something is coming up becasue he "swallows it down". So if she has some other symptoms then maybe reflux????? When my son had green poos I started block feeding and they were gone within two days. Good luck! I'm sure you will figure it out
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    Default Re: Explosive green poo, fussy during fe

    when I experienced this, I came here and found that I most likely had oversupply and overactive letdown. I pump about 16oz+ in 3 sessions during the day, 3 hours apart. Also, I get anywhere from 7-10oz in the mornings on Mondays, and a lot of it is pumped out within 10 minutes. I nursed only on one side for a few feeds, and after 2-3 days, the green, explosive, mucousy poops went away. My LC and Ped said if it was allergy, there would likely be a little blood in the stool, in addition to mucous. Incidentally, LO also has silent reflux, so the OALD and OS are a whammy for her!
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    Default Re: Explosive green poo, fussy during fe

    I wish I could offer help as I'm currently experiencing this with my 7 week old, but here's my experience in case it's helpful -- what's weird for me is that I had ALREADY eliminated dairy a couple of weeks ago and had ALREADY started feeding on one side only around the same time when the fussing and green poo started, so I know it can't be those, and he doesn't have reflux symptoms. So my best guess in my case is that he's going through a growth spurt and is possibly frustrated with a slower letdown or a supply that isn't meeting his needs. Maybe? So I started switching him over to the other side when he fusses if I feel like he's been on the initial side long enough to get hind milk. Also, an LLL leader recently suggested to me that I try doing breast compressions during feeding to help, it might express more milk if he's fussy about a slower letdown.

    A lot of times when he gets this way I just take him off if he won't be consoled and DH takes him, and then he's totally not fussy. So maybe it's just general fussiness and he doesn't know what he wants!
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    Default Re: Explosive green poo, fussy during fe

    Thanks for the input ladies. Unfortunately, today we went to the pedi again as we found streaks of red blood in her diaper. I know that blood can indicate allergies-is that usually bright red blood? The dr. thought it was related to a fissure (not visible) caused by the explosive and frequent poops but they are also testing for bacteria. Also, she lost 2 ounces in 2 days, which is very concerning to me. She had been gaining so well and it just makes me SOOO worried. The dr. also suggested cutting out soy, nuts, eggs and fish in addition to dairy...but did not mention wheat?? And highly recommended starting the zantac as reflux could be interfering with eating. As far as symptoms of reflux-she is just generally fussy, doesn't sleep well and the fussing/pulling/flailing during eating was the red flag. She wants to eat very frequently and still seems fussy after (though up until today her weight gains were phenomenal).

    It's my understanding that foremilk hindmilk imbalance is usually linked to oversupply/OALD, is that correct? I have no symptoms of either. In fact, I have been concerned that my supply is on the low end. I can never pump more than 2 ozs or so, regardless of time of day (usually an ounce or less in the evening). And doing block feedings seems to frustrated my DD even more-and now with weight loss I want to make sure she's getting all she can. Does it make sense to hold off on this for the moment?

    Oh this is so worrisome and stressful. But I'm thankful to have found this site and other moms who are in similar boats!

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