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Thread: Has anyone used a manual pump? Help!!

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    Default Has anyone used a manual pump? Help!!

    Okay, can I just say I am having the worst day....

    My pump just stopped working this morning as I tried to pump as usual for my first session of the day. I can't take the day off work today as our family was out sick last week (all of us) so I just don't have the time.

    The company will send me a new pump overnight but I need help today...so I am going to go buy a manual pump at my next break and try to squeeze in a session.

    Typically I pump 3-4oz in a 5 minute time period using an electric pump. Is a manual pump as effective? How long does it usually take? I can survive by getting the minumum of 1 oz per side I think but gosh it's already painful so any estimates on time would be great!

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    Default Re: Has anyone used a manual pump? Help

    It depends. I pumped sporadically with a manual for five years. It depends on the pump, your response and your arm. It won't be 4 ozin 5 minutes, but you can get the same amount of milk in a longer time. I used to pump one side, switch, then go back to the other, and in 20 minutes, I had enough. I didn't feel empty, but it was certainly good enough. Would I want to do that every day? No.

    I had an Avent Isis. The Medela one is apparently OK too. I hear the Simplisse one is super comfortable.
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    Default Re: Has anyone used a manual pump? Help

    I've used manual pumps, and they are fine in a pinch, like what you're in! Definitely a bit slower, and I wouldn't want to rely on one every day, but perfectly fine occasionally. If my breasts are full, I could easily pump quite a bit with a manual. They don't work so well if you're not super full. I used a Medela hand pump with two speeds, which mimics the "let down" speed function of their electric pumps. That worked well enough for me.

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    Default Re: Has anyone used a manual pump? Help

    Whew thanks! Big relief that it works(!). 3oz in less than minutes on each side. Very doable in a pinch and MUCH quieter and more comfortable :-). Thank you!!!

    Funny too I forgot my storage bags today as well but have extra bottles. What an odd day!!

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