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Thread: When should you start putting in crib?

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    First of all, like the other mamas I totally agree that every family works it out for themselves. My mil would always bring it up and that was so annoying...I would just say the minimum about it "things are great, we're doing great, etc" and change the subject.

    Also wanted to share my variation of what we do...we started with a pack/play bassinet in our room for the first three months. She barely used it after the first month and would only fall asleep on me/with me for that whole time. I decided to move her to a crib in her room around that time as well (to get DH to come back to the room..sigh) and it was so difficult. she slept well in it, but of course she woke up a million times a night and I'd have to go to her across the house and I was exhausted and falling asleep with her in dangerous locations--the couch, rocking chairs, recliners. Not cool. After like 2 weeks of that hell, I changed to what we do now: naps in her crib, bedtime in her crib until about 10pm when I go to bed, then I bring her to bed with me and we sleep so well!! when she wakes up at night I just bf her and she's back to sleep and we're all happy. i have a bedrail for my own peace of mind and the once resistant DH has seen how wonderful life can be with a well-rested mama. When he brings up the dangerous question of "when is she sleeping in her own room?" I tell him "when she sttn so I don't have to get up, OR you can get up...your choice"...end of discussion MIL is sleeping over for the first time in months tomorrow, I'm wondering what her sleeping arrangment comments are going to be...I guess I'll tell her we're doing great!
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    I just want to add that not only does each mother has their own preference but each child may too.

    For my son (turned 2 in july), he slept in our bed or playpen for the first 6 weeks, usually our bed because I would leave him there after nursing overnight. we moved him to his crib in his room at 6 weeks. he did fine and seemed to enjoy (still does) his independence.

    for my twin girls (5 months), they shared a crib in our bedroom for over 4 months. it was hard to cosleep, i felt bad letting one stay in bed with us while the other one was in the crib alone, so usually i nursed them overnight and put them back in the crib. we separated them in our room for a few weeks (one in crib , one in playpen) to see how they would fare not sleeeping together (no issues), and just in the past 2 weeks moved them to their own room in 2 cribs. so far so good! this works for us becuase they are STTN, and my husband is a super groucho overnight, and I need my sleep to work 11-12 hour days.

    Do whatever feels comfortable for you and your baby!

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