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Thread: When should you start putting in crib?

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    Default When should you start putting in crib?

    I know this isn't really about BFing but when do you think I should start putting LO in her crib? One of my girlfriends didn't for 3 mo. (BF baby for 1 year) and another girlfriend did after a few weeks after birth (still BF 8 mo. old). The reason I ask is my MIL asks all the time if DD sleeps in our room (in a pack & play) and my mom asks when we are putting her in her crib and I know my DH would probably like her in her crib. I want to BF for a year but I'm worried the longer she is in our room, the harder it will be for the both of us (me and DD) to transition to the crib. (physically, emotionally and mentally)
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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    There's no one right answer to this question. For some families, having the baby in a crib in the baby's own room from birth on makes the most sense, for others, having the baby in bed with mom (and perhaps dad and other children as well) for weeks, months, or years is what works best, and there is every imaginable variation in between these two extremes. I personally think that when mom and baby are comfortable with the sleeping situation, there's no reason to change things unless having the baby in bed with mom or in the room with mom is impacting the parents' relationship in an unresolveably negative way. What your mom and MIL think about your sleep situation should never impact your thinking- after all, they aren't sleeping in your bed.

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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    You do it when you WANT to. Sleeping arrangements are really no one elses business. That being said...we have 4 in the bed. I'd like to tell my MIL to STFU about the crib too. I swear everytime I see her she has to bring it up because I'm always holding DS, and dont' you know, that's bad...
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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    I don't think there is a "should". It's different for everyone. Some mama's don't ever use the crib. My ds2 is 3.5 years and he has never slept in a crib in his own room. We used his crib as a side car, attached to the side of our bed for a few months and other than that he has slept with us. At about 11 months we put a toddler bed in our room and he would start the night out there and end up in with us. As of right now he sleeps in his toddler bed about half of the nights, the other half he climbs in with us at 5am

    I would suggest that you do whatever brings everyone the most sleep. For some people that is separate sleeping, for others it's separate sleeping in the same room, and for some it's co-sleeping. Whatever works for you is what you should do

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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    I'm about to start a slow transition to her own bed now. Emphasis on slow. We're getting a convertible crib, and going to take one side off and have that flush with our bed. So she'll still be in bed with us, but in her own space. DD is almost 10 months now, and her sleep is disturbed more by me moving around now, I feel like she'd sleep better if she had her own space. But I'm not ready to have her out of the bed yet either. Plus she still nurses 3-4 times a night so it'd just be so darn inconvenient to have to get out of bed in the middle of the night when she wants to nurse!
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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    We don't even own a crib. When they move out, it's to a toddler bed on their terms. So you don't HAVE to do anything. You just have to do what feels right for YOU.
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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aprilsmagic View Post
    We don't even own a crib. When they move out, it's to a toddler bed on their terms. So you don't HAVE to do anything. You just have to do what feels right for YOU.
    This is what we're doing. My eight month old co-sleeps with us. I can't imagine not sleeping with my snuggly guy just yet! I may do the toddler bed when he's about 18 months. But I plan on getting a king sized bed for the 3 of us. Then we'll have the queen mattress which is currently on the floor. I love that I can nurse him in bed and sneak away when he falls asleep. I am considering leaving HIM on our queen mattress and keeping the king for dh and I when he moves out. Seems like an easier transition!
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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    Joe spends part of the night in a crib in our room. He usually comes into bed with us in the early hours of the morning. I don't believe that it gets harder to transition babies to a crib as they get older - I think it really just depends on your baby's temperament. I tried to get Joe "used" to sleeping alone as a newborn, but he just wasn't having it. Around a year, he felt secure enough to sleep more separately. I say go with whatever works for you ... and maybe more to the point, your child. In the end, kids don't follow the rules. Some sleep really well on their own from early on, others don't. There's not much you can do about that.

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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    I absolutely agree with the other responses about it being YOUR decision and not one that should be influenced by anyone else. Unlike the other responses, we don't co-sleep, so this might be a little bit of a different perspective (we tried co-sleeping, and no one really liked it or slept well- including baby...) My LO slept in a pack and play in our room until she was 4 months old. Then, I made the switch to her crib in her room. I started having her nap in her crib at 3 months, just a few times at first, and then all the time. (Before that, naps were in my arms or the pack and play) So, the crib was not an unknown to her. The first few nights were tough, but now things work for us (LO is now 6 months.) I respond as soon as I hear her at night, and she loves nursing at night, and there's been no problem with that- I just put her in the rocking chair next to the crib. Sometimes she's up 2 or 3 times a night, sometimes 12. A few nights hubby or I have just laid with her on the floor, but this was during developmental spurts, so not typical. But, I think 4 months was a really great time because it's obvious she is so much more alert now- if we had waited longer, it might have been a more difficult transition at first.
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    Default Re: When should you start putting in cri

    We don't own a crib, but we do have a co-sleeper and a toddler bed in our room. Most nights both boys fall asleep with us. Big boy gets moved to the toddler bed, and the small one gets put in the co-sleeper for a while. Small one will always end up in our bed though, and I don't usually put him back in the co-sleeper unless he is restless and hot.

    Our big one only transitioned to the toddler bed after his 5th birthday. We are working on getting him into his own room, but don't have a set time frame for it.

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