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Thread: Vitamins?

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    Hi all, I have been lurking since I had my son a month ago. I am loaded with questions and happy to have found the forum.

    So do you guys give vitamins to your LOs? My pedi recomended it since I am EBFing, he said specifically that we need to give vit.D. I got some poly-vi-sol drops today when I was out and tried to give them to my son, and he hated them! Barfed it all right out again with this choking look, and he isnt a spitty baby. Not that I blame him, they smell foul and dont taste good either. I just cant imagine giving these to him again (makes me mad that they were $11 too). He now smells awful too...and usually his little head smells so wonderful.

    So do you use vitamins? Any other better tasting ones out there? Or should I just suck it up and give him these?

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    poor baby! I would recommend picking up Carlson's D-Drops. I give them to my LO and they are great and easy to administer: they are flavorless and you just put one drop on your nipple before nursing or on a pacifier or anything else your LO will suck on for 30 seconds or so. You can order them online or pick them up from your local healthfood store. One drop a day and baby never even knows it's there.
    hope that helps mama
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    Also, depending on where you live you may never need to supplement D, if your LO gets adequate sun exposure. We used to give vitD during Michigan winters but stopped when we moved south and started playing outside 30+ min everyday.

    I second the vitD only drops, or at least the Tri-Vi-Sol (which is better tasing; my ped actually recommended not using the Poly-Vi-Sol because the extra vitamins in there are not necessary for a breastfed baby and the iron in it tends to cause constipation)
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