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Thread: Struggling w/ BF, don't want to give up

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    Angry Struggling w/ BF, don't want to give up

    I've been having troubles with BF for a month now. I finally got tired of my son being "bipolar" about nursing and started giving him bottles last week. At times, I can get him to nurse at night. However as soon as he wakes up he refuses it and ends up crying and screaming. I don't know where we went wrong. I started giving him bottles around 4 weeks old and he took to them fast, but they were never an issue until now. Rarely when my son is awake can I get him to BF. There are times when he will try it out, but he will latch for only a few seconds and pull away. (He never had a problem with latching, even when he nursed for the first time.) He does this maybe a few times at most, and then if I keep trying afterwards, he freaks out. He wasn't eating, so I felt my only option was to start formula feeding him. He does not like to be held when I give him the bottle. He almost always have to sit him down in a seat for him to take it. There is no bonding with this at all. I think he has acid reflux, and I am not sure if that has anything to do with his refusal. Also for quite some time, I had an oversupply problem. I am starting to believe he just has a preference for the bottle now. I am going to try nipple shields, maybe they will help.
    Has anybody else had this problem or have any suggestions?

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    he is going to be 3 months on the 12th of october

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    Greetings Risski121. I am sorry that breastfeeding has not been the peaceful blissful experience that we kid ourselves with.
    Don't beat yourself up over giving your baby a bottle. feeding your hungry infant is always the right thing to do, and bottles and formula do have their purpose.
    Have you ever spoken one on one to a La Leche league leader or to a IBCLC?
    some mothers find that after feeding their baby with a bottle if they offer skin to skin contact with the breast and nipple and do not force the baby to nurse, just hang out and feel the warmth of moms skin, the baby eventually suckles.
    Started my family in 1986
    Finally done in 2001

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