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Thread: Takes me so long to pump

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    Default Takes me so long to pump

    I was wondering how long everyone is pumping for each session at work. I've been having to do 25 mins to get what I need. The milk is always flowing (most times) but I can't seem to speed up emptying. Ive watched videos on breast massage and compression and have played with the suction/speed on my pump (Avent Isis Duo Electric) Any other advice? I usually pump between 12-19 oz in my 3 pumping sessions but they are taking too long and I can't keep this length of time up at work

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    Unfortunately, the only advice I have is to work while you pump. I have an Ameda Purely Yours, and it takes me 20 minutes to pump, another 10 for hand expression, and then 5 minutes to clean up. I have to do 3 sessions to get 12 oz, and sometimes I fall a bit short of that.

    I'm not an expert on pumping, but I think the Medela PIS and the Ameda Purely Yours are supposed to be two of the better electric pumps. I don't know how the Avent Isis Duo rates, so that may be an issue.

    How long have you been using the pump? Have you replaced any of the parts (like membranes) that can get worn out and need replacing?

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    Time spent pumping varies by person. When I first returned to work it took me at least 20 minutes to pump (until the milk stopped flowing). After a few weeks I could pump in 10-15 minutes. But now it is taking me 20 minutes again. It seems to vary by the day!

    Compressions help to express more milk and I would think faster too.

    My office has wifi and I take my laptop with me and I can work (or surf the forum which is what I usually do while pumping ) I also have to change floors to pump (sometimes twice if the 2 rooms on one of the floors are in use).

    Depending on how long you are away from baby and how much baby drinks, maybe you can pump twice? I pump 3 times because I am pumping for twins, and I am still usually a bit short (but that is another issue). If you need 12oz and can pum that in 2 sessions, why not do that?
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    If you have a car commute of at lest 20 minutes or so, could you pump while driving, at least for one of those sessions, to/from work? I promise that I did it safely and it REALLY helped. Get in car, set up pump stuff, put on nursing cover, strap seat belt, turn on car, then off you go...
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    It takes me that long too, and that's with a hospital grade pump and compressions. I'd suggest car pumping and pumping while working for the first 10-15 minutes and then switch to compressions for the second 15 minutes.
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