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Thread: LO not gaining weigh

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    Default LO not gaining weigh

    I have had many issues since i started breastfeeding. It almost feels like i'm not suppose to be breastfeeding. I have tried everything and have almost given up.

    I was put on birth control at my 6 week check and in less than 2 weeks my milk was almost completely gone. I had that changed and i have been working very hard to get my milk supply back. I haven't been able to get it completely back but have been feeding on demand and pumping as much as i can. It has come back by more than 50% at this point.

    A few days ago, I was put on antibiotics because I have started showing signs of a mastitis. When I went to the doc, yesterday, she said my breast are so large that she doesn't really know what is going on. She said that she wants me to continue my meds and hope that it gets better but it looks like i have a lot of plugged ducts. So she said to feed and pump.

    I took my baby girl to the doctor today and i have been noticing that she hasn't been gaining much weight. So the doc told me today that she hasn't gained hardly any weight. She weighed 8'11 at birth and today at 3 months old weighs 9'1. So he gave her 2 bottles in the office. I am to feed her the bottle 2 times and then breastfeed.

    I am determined to get this. I have an appointment tomorrow to have a lactation consultant help me with my baby girl and trying to get my milk back so we can get rid of the bottle. Or at least us my milk for her feedings. I just want my baby to use my milk.

    I have actually become depressed because of this. I have worked so hard and it honestly feels like i am not getting anywhere at all.

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    Default Re: LO not gaining weigh

    Not sure I can really help, but I did want to tell you how sorry I am. I went through a tough time myself with my first DD. She also weighed 8'11. We couldn't get her to gain weight very well due to reflux; however, I was also on antibiotics (due to severe bout with kidney stone), and it did affect my milk supply. I went to a LC, and she was a tremendous help!! I hope that encourages you, and that the LC will be able to assist you and give you some peace of mind.

    A few things I'd like to point out. Pumping isn't always a good indicator of how much you actually have. Your baby will always be more efficient at extracting milk than a pump. Also, if you are feeling stressed, this may affect your pumping sessions also. I was upset one day, and it took me 15 minutes to have a let down. So try to drinks some warm water, prop your feet up and maybe read a good book or watch a show on TV. It seems I do better when I relax and am distracted a bit. Also, check and make sure your pump is for a lot of pumping sessions. I only pump every once in awhile, so mine is basically for use only two times a day. Sounds like you may be doing it more than that, so make sure yours is for more pumping sessions. You may want to also take your pump to the LC and see if she has any advice regarding pumping.

    As far as plugged ducts. Here's what helped me. Take a nice warm shower and massage your breasts...especially, in any areas that feel like lumps or knots. I massaged them in a circular motion and then slowed massaged down toward my nipples. Also, massage right before you nurse. Lastly, and this was key for me, change your nursing position. I normally do the cradle hold; however, I found the football hold REALLY did the trick to get the ducts unclogged. By changing positions, it helped to unclog some of the ducts that weren't being nursed as well.

    I understand in a different way how depressing this is, and I hope you don't give up. It's terribly tempting when you have done so much and you're tired...BTDT! But it sounds like you are doing better than you may think. Again, I think the LC will have a lot of answers for you! Hang in there, and wishing you the very best!

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    Default Re: LO not gaining weigh

    hi laura10. i am just sending you my love and some hugs. You are exploring all best ways to get your baby breastfed. I hope the LC appointment brings you clarity.
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    Default Re: LO not gaining weigh

    my LO is getting 5.5 oz from me when she nurses. My LC had me try to supplement while breastfeeding and my lil miss is to smart for it. She wants me to pump after feedings cause that is fattier milk. She wants me to try the football hold when she starts out with my right breast, but she thinks it maybe the nerve and not blocked ducts. She wants me to continue with what the doc told me to do but she is going to call and see if maybe i can feed more than he originally planned since i am producing a lot. She doesn't understand what is going on but is hoping that it will get better. I do to i know i'm completely upset and starting to actually get depressed about it. Which isn't good...

    She did tell me my lil miss is gaining weight. And gained 2 oz over night.

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