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Thread: Troubles Breastfeeding, New mommy, Help

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    Unhappy Troubles Breastfeeding, New mommy, Help

    So my daughter is 1 week and 5 days old.
    In the hospital she didnt want to feed for about 10 hours.
    We had trouble with the latch in the hospital so they gave me a sheild to help...
    she seemed to do okay but it was pretty painful at times. When we got her home it
    just got worse. She gets so fussy and upset at having to work for her food.
    She cried and cant seem to latch on well. Without the sheild, a latch has been impossible.
    With the sheild, she will latch but it is extremely painful.
    In the first days of my milk coming in I was so engored i was told to pump..
    I could get up to 4 oz combined at most, usually just 2 though.
    Now, within the last few days my breasts dont seem to be getting full.
    Can i simply not be producing enough? We have been suplimenting to make sure she is
    getting enough calories, but I am getting really discouraged. Any advice on effective
    latching, or what could be wrong would be most appreciated.

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    Some questions:

    How are you currently feeding baby?
    What kind of pump are you using and how often.
    Has anybody looked at baby for tongue tie?
    How much milk are you getting?
    Are you nursing or relying on pumping?

    It is Ok to use a nipple shield!

    IME, breastfeeding hurts for the first 7-10 days. The initial latch on is painful. I get really sore. Then it goes away. It's happened every time I nurse, and it even happened when I had to EP. Could you describe the pain you are having?
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    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby! The PP had some excellent questions for you. I'd like to add a few more:
    - When you feel pain, is it just () a 10-30 second burst of pain, after which nursing becomes pain-free, or is the feeding painful the whole way through?
    - When the baby comes off the breast, what shape is the nipple? Is it elongated and symmetrical or cylindrical, like a pencil eraser, or elongated but asymmetrical or wedged, like a new lipstick?
    - Do you have a lactation consultant available to you, preferably an IBCLC? When you have a newborn and a latch issue, e's nothing better than hands-on help!
    - How has your baby's diaper output been? (number of wets and poops in a 24 hour period)
    - How much supplement are you offering, and is it supplemental breastmilk that you have produced, or are you using formula?

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