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Thread: Baby cries while nursing

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    Nursing Z has been a delicate ritual from the beginning. She's fussy when hungry and is very particular about the things she likes and doesn't like while she eats.

    The newest development is now she begins to cry in the middle of every feeding. She has the nipple in her mouth and is eating, and for no reason, she begins to cry. I took her to the doctor to check for reflux, tummy trouble or something in her mouth, but everyting went well. I guess I should be happy that nothing's wrong, but it also sucks, because I'm getting tired of nursing her and I'm worried.

    Why is she crying? She used to fuss and cry before nursing, but once she began to eat, things were generally pretty smooth. She doesn't eat much anymore. Five or six minutes at the most. I'm tired because now I have to feed her constantly and the crying is getting to me.


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    how long has she been fussing for? is it everytime you nurse?

    my son had times where he would cry in the middle of nursing for a few days. i never figured it out, just kept him close, held him, rocked him, went outside (he really likes that), tried nursing again, etc. i think it was teething or just being overtired, maybe he was even a bit sick. here are two links that may help:

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