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Thread: Cranberry Pills?

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    Is it safe to take cranberry pills while BF'ing? I got UTI's constantly before I got pregnant, they went away during my pregnancy which was wonderful. But, now they're coming back. DD is 12 weeks and I have already had 1 and feel another one coming on today. Cranberry pills saved my life before. They really worked wonders for me so I would love to start taking them daily again. Just want to make sure it is safe!

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    what did your baby's pediatrician say about taking these pills? Did you check infantrisk.com? does the label say they are safe for breastfeeding mom?
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    I think it might be one of those "unknown" things.


    Special precautions & warnings:
    Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Cranberries and cranberry juice are safe to consume during pregnancy and breast-feeding. But don't use dietary supplements that contain cranberry products. It is not known if these are safe to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
    I think you should check with your doctor and see what s/he thinks.
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