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Thread: How would you describe a good latch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL LactoJen View Post
    I finally found a web site by Dr. Jack Nicholson that actually showed me how to latch a baby

    Actually it's Jack NEWMAN But it's a great site. Here's the link:


    I should point out that this is a non-LLL site. However, Dr. Newman is a respected breastfeeding professional and LLL references a lot of his work in their publications!


    I have never been able to get the clips on Newman's sight to work..all I get is gibberish! I do hope others can because a picture is worth a thousand words!
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    Default Re: How would you describe a good latch?

    Although breastfeeding should not be painful, the first week or so may make your breasts tender-not sore, but tender. I experianced this with my daughter, and it came as a surprise since I didn't get that with my son. I know for me, her latch wasn't great at first-she was very closed mouth about latching. Pushing gently on her chin to get her to open wide helped within a few dyas. Also, if you find yourself tender, try also switching positions-go from a cradle hold, to cross cradle, to football-whatever feels good. And, using lanolin was a god send to me-after every feeding I'd put some on and it felt soooooo good!!!!

    If you can attend a meeting of LLL then go ahead and do so, cause I'm sure that it would certainly help.

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