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Thread: Need to lose weight!!!

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    Thank you soooo much!!! I love you guys!!!

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    Sorry I missed this thread, I have been working 12 hour days...

    I am in the Air Force and I worried both times about my fitness test. Not so much because of weight, but because of the running. 6 months always sounds like so much time, but it went by fast for me. If you have to do PT 4 times a week that will help, and Weight Watchers also helped me a lot. I don't know how it is where you work, but where I work people bring in a lot of junk to eat, so I also bring in cut up veggies, fruits and other healthy snacks so I don't succumb to the donuts.

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    Eating the "right" foods definitely goes a long way. I also found it helpful to pack some "good" snacks for when I had those starving moments (i.e. right before LO needs to nurse) -- that way I eat something nutritious rather than sweet/salty. Not that it's the case for everyone, but I did find that my pregnancy weight (35 of the 40lbs) melted off on its own accord by 4-5months -- and at 6months I am now back to my original weight. So, it's not an impossible goal to lose that 25lbs (I was seriously DREADING how to lose weight initially). Make sure to drink LOTS of water though.... I know I always get super thirsty when I exercise... and when you add my increased thirstiness due to nursing... I have to carry a water bottle around all day long to ensure I get enough fluids.

    Good luck!! You can do it!!

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