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Thread: 35 week preterm baby need help please

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    Default 35 week preterm baby need help please

    I was induced at 35 weeks and 5 days. I had to have an emergancy csection because
    my non stress test showed that my sons heart rate was dropping into the 60s for 5 min time periods. I was a gestional diabetic and even though I listened very well and had to be on insulin at bed time my son ended up in the nicu you do to low sugar levels and jaundince. My Dr, brought him in to nurse before he went to the nicu and I startede pumping and putting him to breast by 11am later that day. My csection was at 130 am. I didnt hardly get any colstrum and by day 3 my milk was starting to come in I was getting half an ounce. I am now getting about an oz when I pump. My son latches on well sometimes and other times not at all after 20mins I feed him what I have pumped and have to supplement with formula so his sugar levels stay stable. I do not want to give him formula but I know I have to for now. I am using tomme tippe bottles he takes a bottle great but falls asleep at the breast. I am trying to not stress I know that makes it worse but any good information would be apperciated
    He was 5lbs at birth they also had to feed him thourgh a feeding tube at the hospital.

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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    hi mama, congratulations on the baby, i hope you are feeling well.

    i would usually encourage a mom to just nurse, no pumping. the more the baby is at your breast the better. do you need to pump when a baby is preemie?

    I have lots of questions

    how old is he today? are you both home?

    why were they using a feeding tube? how often was this?

    how often do you nurse him?

    how often do you give bottles?

    how many diapers is he having?

    ETA: did not realize he was preemie until i reread this
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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    Congrats on your baby. Is he still in the NICU? How are his other vitals? Holding his own temp, no apnea or reflux? Obviously getting your son strong enough to nurse directly all the time is the goal. But as the mother of a preemie I completely understand that it might take time because stable and growing comes first. What I can say is pump as much and as often as you can. My first goal would be to pump as much as he needs so you can stop formula. Try to nurse each feeding or as often as the doctors will let you. Keep him on your bare chest in just his diaper when he's not eating. Let him comfort suckle as often as he wants and needs. All of this will increase your supply and encourage him to the breast. Once he is strong enough and is home and gaining well then you can concentrate on getting him to the breast full time.
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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    My son was born at 33 weeks and I felt I was in constant battle with the NICU protocol. My son was also givaged and he wouldn't take a bottle. They thought his sucking reflex wasn't developed yet. I kept him at my breast literally all day. He was slowly breastfeeding- the nurses started picking up on this because I would breastfeed him, then they would givage and he would spit up from being overfed.

    Trust your gut.
    My son never picked up on bottle feeding in the NICU. He would only take my breast (I kept him on it constantly and I think that is why he ended up prefeering it)- he ended up staying in the NICU longer than he needed to because they wanted him to "nipple all his feeds"- well, he never "nippled" any of his feeds in there, in the sense they were talking about (bottle feeding)... they finally gave up and sent us home when we kept pointing out his wet diapers and his weight gain.

    If you can stay with him all day and keep him at your breast it might be worth a shot. Everyone is different, but it worked for me!
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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    my DD was born @ 36 weeks, and was taken to NICU 5 days later for hyperbilirubanemia. I was pumping after each feed, and getting a ton of milk. They were fortifying my BM with Neosure to help her with weight gain. Also, I found out about SNS feeders AFTER we got home. I would have preferred to try that vs. NG tube if I'd known about it. That way, I was sure DD was getting enough but she was still at the breast vs. getting tubefed or bottlefed
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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    Thank you everyone... Today he nursed very well and other days nothing.... Yes he his home, Im nursing him every two to three hours then I usually have to give him a bottle of what I have pumped which is usually around 1.5 oz....If im out of pumped supply then I have to give him neosure which he has now started to spit up and barley going to talk to the dr on Weds. Since his sugar levels are fine just had them checked in the ER hopefully I can stop supplementing with the neosure.

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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    Anthony is 14 days old he has been home for four days. I had to start to pump in the hospital right away because I couldnt hold him the first couple days. He had an NG tube untile he pulled it out himself two days before they sent him home. Thats when we started bottle feeding him what I had pumped and supplementing him with neosure. I nurse him every two to three hours... I let him nurse for 20 mins or longer if he is still sucking. He usually is done after 5 mins and falls alseep on me. Hes have many wet diapers almost every change which is two hours or more depending on BMs because he got horrible diaper rash in the Nicu..

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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    Mama, can you nurse him any more often than every 3hrs? Maybe trying waking him up a little sooner? That way, he's not STARVING and frantic at the breast, that will help build up your milk supply, and maybe you can start cutting back on the bottles?
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    Default Re: 35 week preterm baby need help pleas

    I have been doing every two hours the last two days and hes never frantic at the breast he just falls asleep and will not suck but he latches on very well. I'm hoping with
    patience and time it just comes together. I just worry that when I got back to work at the end of Nov I will not have enough milk to leave with his dad. I pump just enough to get him through the day and even then sometimes I have to supplement with neosure because hes still hungry.

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