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    My newborn (12 days old) will cluster feed everyday from 5:30am to about 10am. Is this normal? Also, he has a good latch but my nipples still get sore while he cluster feeds. When will the soreness go away and my nipples adjust to breastfeeding?

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    Yes, this is totally normal. He is going through a growth spurt. http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/growth-spurt.html

    Congratulations on your baby boy.
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    So glad this is normal! My three week old has started cluster feeding every half hour during the day. At night he still feeds every 2 hours. I thought there may be something wrong with either me or him! I had started to panic until I started reading up on cluster feeds.

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    hiya, you're probably sorted by now but Lansinoh cream is pure lanolin and i used it for the first 6 weeks or so - my dd cluster feeds for hours in afternoon/evening!

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