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Thread: meal plans & food refusal issues for BLS

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    Default meal plans & food refusal issues for BLS

    I am realizing how much of a rut we are in, my husband and I, when it comes to food! We eat the same foods all the time...and BLS is majorly making me re-vamp our diet too. I wish it came more naturally to me though. I feel like I'm constantly struggling to find something to make that will provide DS with the variety he should be getting. I bought the BLW cookbook, in hopes that it would have sort of meal plans in it...but it just has lots of random recipes in it - which is great to try new things...but most of the recipes seem complicated and a lot require random ingredients...so if you don't have a meal plan when you go to the grocery store - you're really screwed. Does anyone have any tips they use when it comes to meal planning?????

    Also...what do you do when your LOs don't eat any of what you offer? For example, for breakfast this morning I made Cream of Wheat (new to him...but he loves oatmeal), toast, a few Cheerios, and fresh fruit (blueberries which he loves usually, and raspberries which were a first). Anyway, he pretty much refused every single thing. I ended up giving him some yogurt (which he clapped when he saw) because I knew he would eat that...but everything else ended up pushed away and on the floor without even a taste. Am I supposed to keep trying until I find something he will eat? Or do I just offer a decent variety and that's that? I don't want to end up with a child who will throw a fit until he gets exactly what he wants...but at the same time - I really want mealtimes to be positive and purposeful! I always offer him at least one or two items he is familiar with and enjoys - I never just put a whole meal of new foods out for him. He is 11 months old, btw...
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    Default Re: meal plans & food refusal issues for

    I think we all get in food ruts Sometimes it's hard to break out of our normal routine.

    I always put at least one food that I new he liked on his plate. Sweet potato was a staple - I would slice off a half inch circle and toss it in the steamer... So whenever I didn't know if he would like a new food I would make sure he had that on his plate as well.

    I didn't really follow a lot of recipes when it came to baby led solids, instead I offered a variety of whole foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and then cooked a dinner. So breakfast might have been a scrambled egg, a handful of blueberries, and a half of a slice of wg toast. Lunch would be something like a slice of sweet potato, a handful of peas, some pair slices, and some cheese, maybe a few crackers. Snacks could be a few cherios and a little banana or yogurt with granola and strawberries. Dinner would then be whatever we were having, so for example chicken breasts, roasted veggies and homemade wedge fries.

    I included at least one veggie or fruit each time he ate, tried to offer protein at least twice a day, and stuck to whole grains. His meals didn't look like typical meals but they consisted of a variety of healthy foods - who says you can't eat yogurt, sweet potato and crackers for lunch?

    Sometimes we run out of ideas. I found meal planning for dinners were a great help. And I would have a running list of fruits/veggies and rotate them out so that each week I was buying different veggies/fruits for lunches/snacks for ds. At one point I actually wrote out 28 dinners and I would pick 7 from the list each week

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    Default Re: meal plans & food refusal issues for

    I would offer most of what he likes with no more than one new food at a meal. A meal of all new foods is generally a bad idea. And then keep some stuff on standby if he refuses it all, like yogurt as you did and then cheerios or something he can practice the pincer grip with. Don't keep making more until he eats, that is a bad habit to get into. Also, throwing food on the floor is something that we took as a sign of not being hungry.

    At 11 months food is for practice and all you should be doing is offering a variety and not really worrying about how much is
    consumed. I would say around 18 months your child's meals will more closely resemble your family's. Sort of.. Lol.

    Oh and only put a few bites on the tray at a time. Like two bites of something he likes and one bite of something new.

    Keep offering previously refused foods, he might go for them later.

    Good luck, solids are fun!

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    Default Re: meal plans & food refusal issues for

    I agree with the others. DS1 would eat (and still eats) whatever, so it never was a concern, but DS2 is very picky. We would find a couple of healthy things that we knew he would like, and then just put one new thing on his plate. If he didn't eat much, oh well. Lunch for example on a typical day he would eat cheese and ak mak (whole wheat crackers), maybe some sweet potato chips, and then we would put some fruit on his plate which he was not a fan of, but sometimes he would pick it up and at least try it. And then for dinner we might give him hummus or guacamole which he would just eat with a spoon, and then just a sampling of whatever we were eating. That way, he would have something on his plate that we knew he would eat, and then an opportunity to try something new.

    It can be harder with a picky child, but we just buy a few things that are healthy that we know he will eat, and with everything else we just keep trying.

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    Default Re: meal plans & food refusal issues for

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sch.mommy View Post
    And I would have a running list of fruits/veggies and rotate them out so that each week I was buying different veggies/fruits for lunches/snacks for ds. At one point I actually wrote out 28 dinners and I would pick 7 from the list each week
    You have no idea how close I am to doing this! Haha. I just said to myself I need to make a really long running lists of fruits, veggies and meal ideas and then every week just pick off of it and rotate. Maybe it's not such a bad idea! It's so hard because my husband is a picky eater...so we usually stick to a few chicken dishes and a little red meat here and there...I had a long talk with him about how that needed to change, and if I make something he doesn't want - he'll have to fix his own dinner. (YIKES! You'd never know he was 29...haha).

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I never give him a meal of all new foods...at most I introduce 1 or 2 new foods a day to him, and sometimes not at all. Sometimes I can give him an entire meal of things I know he's had before and liked and he'll refuse everything. At the end of a meal if he throws things and plays, I know he is finished. But at the beginning, he'll throw it and sign "more" and he'll keep doing this until he gets something he wants.

    I think I'll follow your suggestions and put an obvious favorite out every single time, not just a familiar item but one that he never ever refuses. That way I'm one step ahead of him...and I'm not answering his demands. KWIM? And I will keep offering refused foods - he finally ate broccoli a few days ago after 4 months of being offered to him.

    Also did any of you ever notice a change in the way your babies prefer their food? Matthew used to love sticks of things, but now he prefers little bite-sized pieces. I sort of found this out by accident...he chucked something the other day and I picked it back up and broke a little piece off and put it down and he ended up eating the whole thing like that.
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