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Thread: Gagging in bath= not yet ready?

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    Default Gagging in bath= not yet ready?

    My daughter just turned 6 months yesterday and has always been EBF (won't take bottle, etc, although I've been letting her try out a sippy cup for the past few days- probably goes without saying she hasn't figured it out.)
    Anyways, twice during her baths this past week, she's gotten her mouth into the water (this is while I've been supporting her chest, so she was really barely skimming the surface). She freaks out and starts gagging and is so scared. I'm even more petrified, but I know that she's fine because she's breathing the whole time.
    I've been excited to start BLS within the next week, but I'm wondering if this is how she's going to react. And, if so, does that mean that she might not be ready?

    Or, am I comparing apples and oranges? But, I obviously just want my LO to be safe!!!
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    Default Re: Gagging in bath= not yet ready?

    I think it's a little different to choke and sputter when you're lying on your tummy in the water vs. drinking from a sippy. Of course, a little gagging is common when you're doing BLS and not necessarily a sign that the child isn't ready. I would just start nice and slow. A lot of moms feel better about BLS (well - any kind of solids!) after they've taken an infant CPR class. That can help you distinguish between gagging, which is normal, and real choking, and also teach you what to do in the latter case (which is obviously quite uncommon).

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    Default Re: Gagging in bath= not yet ready?

    And remember there's a difference between accidentally getting bath water in your face and purposefully putting food or liquid in your mouth. I sometimes gag when I go under in a swimming pool and wasn't ready for it- that doesn't mean I'm not ready for solids!

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