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    Hi, my name is Amber, and I am new to this site. I have two daughters (ages 4 and 22 months) and one son, age 12 weeks. Sierra, my 4 year old was born full term, and 6 pounds. Kai'Lani, my other daughter was born at 31 weeks, and was 4 pounds at birth. Phoenix was born at 33 weeks, at 4lbs 14oz. Our kids have always been small, and barely on the growth charts.
    Phoenix was in the hospital for two weeks, and did great. He began nursing around the clock, but became jaundiced, and was dropped to once every twelve hours. He refused the bottle, so during those times he was tube fed. Before we left the hospital, we weighed him right before a feeding, and then right after. At that point, it showed that he was getting a good 2.5 ounces. He was 5lbs 2oz at discharge. I continued to nurse him on demand, which was about every 1.5-2 hours. He had good diaper output, etc. Everything seemed to be great. But two weeks later, he had only gained an ounce. A week later, he gained another ounce. I began using a SNS, with a high calorie formula once or twice per day. He hated the formula, so getting him to take it was a chore. That week he gained 8 ounces. During the next two weeks, he gained 5 ounces, strictly breastfeeding. During that time, he also grew three inches, and his head circumference grew an inch. I began supplementing again last week, hoping that maybe he'd gain more, but again, he only gained an ounce, bringing his current weight to 6lb 8oz. So, since birth he's gained 1lb 10oz, grew 3.5 inches, and head circumference 1.5 inches. So, he's growing, just not at the rate the pediatrician wants him to. He's very healthy, and incredibly strong--just small. He's holding his head up, cooing, smiling, giggling (a little), pushing up to stand, tracking things with his eyes, etc. So, I think he's meeting all his milestones on time, if not early, due to his prematurity. The thing is he hardly sleeps. He sleeps for about 1 hour in the morning, and maybe 1.5 hours in the later afternoon. During the day, he's so busy, and can hardly sit still! I think he's burning more calories than what he's taking in. My questions are, is there anyway to make the breastmilk higher in calories? Is there anything else I should be doing to make the milk higher in quality? If he hasn't gained at least five ounces by Thursday, the Dr. wants to admit him back to the hospital. Any suggestions?? Thanks,

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    Not so sure on the weight gain, but I'd really try to get him to sleep more. Brain development and growth takes place during sleep, and you're right...he may be so busy that he's burning a lot of calories.

    How old is he now? He may be slowly starting to have sleep deprivation. Kids are really adaptable and can mask it well. I think you are doing a wonderful job by feeding him on demand! Keep up the good work.

    Is he taking a bottle or just the SNS? If he'll take a bottle can you mix 1/2 BM and 1.2 formula? He may accept the taste of the formula if he can taste mom's milk as well. Just an idea. I'm sure others will come along with more suggestions.
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