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Thread: Completely soaked..

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    Default Completely soaked..

    EVERYTIME I nurse DS we end our session being completely soaked with milk. I am not sure what is going on. I notice sometimes he will not swallow milk and instead will just let it drain out if his mouth; however that is not always the case. Either way, we are both soaked at the end.

    We nurse either in the cradle position or the sidelaying position and both ways end up the same. He has good diaper output so I know he is getting enough but it is getting annoying having to change his clothes all the time. I am literally changing him after every nursing session. I tried a bib but it gets soaked and drips off onto his clothes. I have also tried receiving blankets but DS pushes them away.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I should also mention we use a nipple shield so maybe that has to do with it?
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    My son does this when he switches his latch to comfort suck. He's not interested in the milk at that point. But it is also possible, with a newborn, that they are getting more milk than they can handle. I just put a burp cloth under my son to protect our clothes.
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    We have this problem as well, initially I just undressed him to nurse him. Now I just tuck a washcloth under my bra, then fold it under his chin, and it works pretty well. I have another cloth handy to soak up any milk I see coming out of the shield... Makes nursing on the go/in public very difficult, but he is getting better at not making such a mess as time goes by. ( he is 12 weeks)

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    My son did this, too. I had OALD, and sometimes the extra would run out his nose, or around his tongue and out of his mouth. Sometimes, he just stopped nursing for a minute and let it all run out. I used a prefold under his face to catch the overflow.

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