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    I have been nursing almost constantly since my 1st was born 4yrs ago. I'm currently nursing my toddler ds2, only at naptime and nighttime.

    Since July, I have been having cracking, peeling, tearing skin on my breasts. It started in just the right, but moved to both since September. Just 3 days ago, the left started the skin tearing off onto my cotton brassiere and then sticking. So, everytime I shift during the day, my nipple is stuck to the bra and rips off and bleeds. I've tried Emu Oil, apricot oil, white camelia oil, Lanolin, Triple antibiotic ointment, and a mix of triple antibiotibic,jock itch cream and anti-itch cream. I got that as a dyi recipe to imitate a prescription breast cream.

    the areolas weren't hurting, but they too have started being painful. I can barely stand to wear a shirt right now and every movement is uncomfortable. It is all external. It doesn't bother ds at all. He knows that my "milks are owie." He even brings me my lanolin first thing in the morning when we wake up and gives them gentle hugs to make my milk better. :-)

    It may have to do with teh fact that I'm in the Pineywoods of East texas where it is normal so humid that you need gills, but this year we are experiencing the worst drought on record and the humidity is approximately that of Arizona! If something doesn't change, and fast, I'm going to give up on nursing. No matter how much I enjoy the relationship, I can't take this pain anymore! Help!!

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    I can't comment on what the causes/remedies may be, but have you tried to wear breast pads to prevent your nipple from rubbing in your bra? While I haven't been nursing anywhere as long as you, I still find it comfortable to wear breast pads. Personally, it prevents rubbing and doesn't flatten my nipples, like I felt without wearing them. I don't leak anymore and I still wear them.

    Hopefully some other mommas can remedies/causes.
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    Have you been to a doc? I see that you have tried a lot of home remidies but it may be time to see someone about it. Thrush is my first thought which is treated with an anti fungal type med but usually both mom and baby need to be treated to get good results. This page has some more info about thrush

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    The flaky peeling CAN be a sign of thrush, which is SUPER painful, but very treatable! It can spread all over the breast (basically, it's ringworm), and cause a lot of itching and pain.

    I agree, before giving up nursing, I would definitely see a doctor. What you describe sounds pretty severe, I'd want a professional opinion.

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    Time to see a pro. While thrush seems like an excellent bet, you may want to look into the possibility that this is a bacterial infection rather than yeast.

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