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Thread: Will DS love BF again soon?

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    Default Will DS love BF again soon?

    Hi ladies

    My son is almost 1 year (1.5 weeks away ). He nurses well in the morning, and if he wakes in the night (which is rarely) he nurses well then as well. The rest of the day he seems like he could care less. He will nurse for a few seconds then wants off. He doesnt eat tons of solids (well sometimes he does) but loves to drink water out of a straw sippy. He doesnt ever really ask for boob but does ask for water.
    If I persist and keep offereing will he be one of those cute toddlers I read all about?!?! I really want to continue and want him to love it.

    DS 10/09/10 7lbs 11 oz

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    Default Re: Will DS love BF again soon?

    In my experience, YES! Hooray!

    Right after 12 mos my DS went/is going through a clingy stage, and also the world isn't so brand spanking new so he's happier and more likely to nurse.

    He dropped a lot of feeds at 11 mos, and my supply cut in half. He now asks for nursing and we're nursing at drop off and pickup from daycare again. I was really worried that we were headed for the end, but he picked it right back up again.

    This is the beginning of weaning, but a lot of my mommy friends have been (not actively) weaning longer than they exclusively nursed. Some for over 2 years!
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    Default Re: Will DS love BF again soon?

    Most (of course, not all) children return to more frequent nursing around the year mark, after the distractible/independent phase wears off.

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    Default Re: Will DS love BF again soon?

    My son has had 2 nursing strikes, one around 7 months and one before a year but both times he's been sick. He'd nurse briefly or skip feedings. However he's 14 months now and still nursing 8x a day However he has taken a liking to his sippy around the time he turned 14 months. Im enjoying it as much as i can bc i know that sometime (maybe not too far) he might stop nursing less.
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    Default Re: Will DS love BF again soon?

    Thanks ladies. Yes he is super distractable! But does seem to love BF when sleepy so hopefully he'll start to be less distractable soon. I LOVE BF!!!
    DS 10/09/10 7lbs 11 oz

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    Default Re: Will DS love BF again soon?

    This is my son exactly (other than that he eats lots of solids and LOVES his solid foods. So much so, that he won't nurse, but then immediately after I try to nurse him, he'll eat his dinner.)
    My son turned one on 10/5/11. And I only get to nurse him M-F when I get home from work (DH is a SAHD, and I don't see DS before I leave for work). So I only nurse DS once, maybe 1.5 times a day - but he pushes off after only a few seconds or a minute of nursing. My supply has TANKED!!!

    I still pump at least 2 times at work b/c I'm scared to stop pumping for fear that my supply will all but dry up.

    Your question of "will DS love BF again soon?" is my exact thought. I've really thought that after about 7 months, my DS could "take it or leave it" when it comes to nursing. I basically have to make him nurse when I get home from work. He doesn't necessarily want to - I have to hold him close. It makes me so sad since I want to nurse him until at least 18 months, but most likely 2 years.

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